Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Let there be a positive record of always talking with regard.

Message for the day 02-09-2014

Projection: When I have regard for others, there are good wishes expressed through my words. Such words are totally free from the slightest bit of negativity and bring a very positive result. When words are positive, they are few but essenceful. So they have a lot of impact on others. 

Solution: When I have regard for others, I will be able to keep myself free from negative and waste words. So I'll naturally find every word of mine being used in a positive and powerful way. So I find only accumulation and no waste through my words. My energy is saved and others too would have only good wishes for me. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

The power of stability enables to cross over all obstacles

Message for the day 01-09-2014

Projection: The one who is stable is not influenced by one's own old habits and tendencies to react, but is able to think and act properly under all circumstances. The power of stability brings forth the best decisions in the most difficult times, brings solutions and helps in lessening the impact of the obstacle itself. 

Solution: When I am stable on the seat of a master, I am able to be free from the influence of my own old habits, those that are of weakness. Instead I am able to transform old habits into new ones, making them into those of power. Learning to be stable in the most difficult situations, enables me to cross over all obstacles very easily. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

To accept advice is to ensure self-progress.

Message for the day 16-09-2014

Projection: The natural state of the self is to ensure progress. Everything that is done by the self is for its progress. But the one who rejects advice rejects the progress of the self. To accept advice means to take the chance for whatever benefit that comes my way. 

Solution: When someone corrects me or gives me an advice or suggestion, if I accept it in the right spirit, I'll constantly learn from it. This will enable me to experience constant progress. I am also naturally able to give regard to everyone I come into contact with and remain in constant happiness. 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Regard for others makes them our helpers.

Message for the day 

Projection: Working with others we usually find ourselves expecting others to cooperate with us. And sometimes we are not able to get their cooperation. We are, then, disappointed and look for help from elsewhere or seek to change the place of work. But we find that it is just a temporary solution. 

Solution: Each and every individual has a contribution to make for every task at hand. We need to give a chance and allow them to make their contribution. This is possible when we provide them with the right environment of love and regard. When we respect them for what they are, they will naturally continue to provide us support and help. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The one who gives constantly is a true bestower.

Message for the day 

Projection: We usually find ourselves giving only to those who give to us. When someone gives us love or happiness, we too are inspired to give. So we find that unless we get from others, it becomes difficult to give. 

Solution: We need to have the aim of not letting anyone go from us empty handed. That means we give them an experience of love or happiness or whatever they need at that time. When we have that aim, we will be able to give even when we don't get anything. And then, we find that only when we give do we get. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Knowledge and faith bring the ability to be positive

Message for the day 

Projection: Whenever things don't happen according to what we expect we begin to look at everything negatively. We are caught up with the negativity to such an extent that we are not able to find anything that might be positive in it. 

Solution: We need to understand and develop the faith that behind everything seemingly negative there is something positive. It is up to us whether we want to see positive in negative or negative in positive and be influenced accordingly. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The one who is a special flower keeps spreading the fragrance of virtues.

Message for the day 

Projection: Being in situations that are not always positive it seems very difficult for us to be positive. As is our environment and the situations, we find, so are our own responses, too. That is, we find ourselves reacting negatively in a negative situation and positively in a positive situation. 

Solution: We need to remind ourselves that we are a special flower with our own specialties. The more we remind ourselves of these specialties  the more we are able to spread the sweetness of this fragrance to all - whatever the situations may be. 

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