Saturday, August 29, 2015

To see things with the right vision (third eye) is to ensure that I am not blind to the opportunities that life offers.

Message for the day 29-08-2015

Thought to ponder: Wisdom is to see what is not seen. When I only see what is visible to the two eyes, I miss out important details. To open the third eye of wisdom and see through to the reality of things is to create opportunities for oneself. Wisdom is to see benefit, positive and opportunity in everything. I need to give this training to the third eye. 

Point to practice: Today I will look at things differently. When something happens to me that I am uncomfortable with, I will see what positive there is, hidden in the situation. Negativity remains even after a situation is over, when I think negative about someone, myself or something. So today I will make sure I change my thinking to positive in these three aspects. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

To have a big heart is to find solutions easily.

Message for the day 28-08-2015

Thought to ponder: To have a big heart, during upsetting times, is to be above the feeling of what is mine and what I have to lose. It is but natural to see what I have to gain, but added to this I also need to see what others are going to gain from this. When I am caught up with my needs and apprehensions, there will be blocks which will not help me create solutions. 

Point to practice: Today I will work to find solutions in such a way, that there is benefit for all. I will not only look at benefit for myself (I will not worry about what I have to lose), but I will also see in what way it can benefit others. This practice will help me find an easy solution and also win the support and good wishes of all around me. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

To be powerful is to be a support for others at all times.

Message for the day 27-08-2015

Thought to ponder: When we face challenges, we may not look for solutions from others, but we definitely tend to look for support from others. Yet, we find that most people today are unable to give support. We then tend to get disappointed, further increasing our negativity. Yet, we need to understand that each one has their own problems and they too are in some way looking for support. We need to be internally so powerful and self-reliant that we can become a support for others, instead of expecting from them. 

Point to practice: Today I will create a simple practice for myself. At least 5 times today, I will tell myself "I am powerful and self-reliant. I am the master, the creator and this situation is just a creation. So I the master will find a way to maneuver and change the situation". This practice will help me stop expecting from others, not even support. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

To have the right frame of mind is to bring benefit.

Message for the day 26-08-2015

Thought to ponder: Difficult situations do come to everyone, and it is during these situations that one needs to give their best to tackle them. Yet, we find it is quite the opposite. Negativity comes creating weakness of the mind. So, whatever decisions we take at this time are not appropriate or fruitful. We tend to lose sight of opportunities and there is loss. 

Point to practice: Today I will pick out one problem that I have been worrying about. I will take the thought that this problem is there to go. It will surely go one day as nothing is permanent. I will then look for solutions with a positive frame of mind. If I still don't find solutions, I will stop thinking about it, because thinking too much about one thing amounts to worrying. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

One's interaction with others is the biggest test to know what to check and change.

Message for the day 25-08-2015

Thought to ponder: How people behave with us is a true indication of what our personality is. If most of the people are being negative to me, then definitely I need to check myself. Because, others become a mirror for us to see how we are. Physically too, most people have the habit of checking in the mirror to see if they are alright and if they are not, they bring about a change. In the same way, other people's response becomes an indication for us to know where I need to bring about a change. 

Point to practice: Today I will take criticism as an indication of what I need to bring about a change in myself. When someone says something about me, especially if it is repeatedly coming to me from more than one source, I will see what aspect I need to change. I need to first check what really in me is drawing that criticism. Then I need to bring about that change. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Creating quality thoughts brings happiness and lightness.

Message for the day 24-08-2015

Thought to ponder: When there is quality thinking, thoughts are not many, but each thought is special. Quality thoughts are reflected in quality words and quality actions. They reduce tiredness and carelessness as thoughts are fewer in quantity. 

Point to practice: When I have good quality thoughts, I experience sweetness, happiness and self-respect. I am able to recognise my own greatness and move forward with lightness under all circumstances. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The method to bring about a permanent change is to bring about newness in thinking.

Message for the day 23-08-2015

Thought to ponder: To bring about a permanent change for the better means getting the mind trained to new ways of looking at the same situation. Only with this new understanding will there be a new response. Trying to bring about change in a superficial way will not bring about a long-lasting change. 

Point to practice: When I train my mind to think creatively I'm able to keep my mind busy. In this way I'm able to free it from thinking negative and waste. Also I find myself enjoying every scene that comes in front of me and I also find myself constantly progressing. 

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