Monday, December 31, 2012

Fortune is in one's own hands.

Message for the day

Expression: To have fortune in one's own hands doesn't mean to have it in the lines of one's hands. It means to have the ability to make the best use of all the resources available. When they are put to the best use, they naturally increase. Through actions one can draw the line of fortune as long as desired.

Experience: When I am able to create an elevated fortune for myself, I am able to become an inspiration for others too to create an elevated fortune for themselves. 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The one who is the master of the self is able to master situations and control people.

Message for the day

Expression: If there is an attempt to control situations and people without trying to control the self it becomes impossible. It only takes things more out of control and leads to extreme emotions like anger. To be a master means to be a master of one's own feelings and emotions under all circumstances. It means to have the reins in one's own hands.

Experience: When I am able to be a master of my own thoughts, feelings and emotions I am able to deal effectively with situations and people. I never go out of control or lose my cool however difficult the situation or person may be. This enables me to be aware of my own inner resources and use it to be the best of my ability. 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The one who serves others is the richest.

Message for the day

Expression: To be in a position to serve others means to be aware of the resources and treasures within. When all the powers that are within are used for the benefit of the self and others they tend to multiply and increase. So the one who continues to serve others continues to become richer.

Experience: When I serve, not only do I become richer with what I use, but for having served unselfishly I also become richer with the blessings and good wishes that emerge from the hearts of others. I am able to experience the real richness and beauty of life as there is a lot of love, happiness and joy in my life.

Friday, December 28, 2012

The easiest way to bring positivity in life is to become worthy of God's love.

Message for the day

Expression: A simple checking whether to perform an action or not is to see if it would be approved by God. When every action is thus checked, there would be positivity and benefit expressed through everything. There would not be any negative, waste or even ordinary actions performed, but only those that are sealed with the power of positivity.

Experience: When I am able to bring about such positivity in my life, I'll not only win the love of God, but also the love, praise and good wishes of all those around me. I also become trust worthy and an image of support for those who are seeking to bring positivity in their lives.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

To check regularly means to bring about a change.

Message for the day

Expression: When there is any negative action performed, there is an immediate feeling of guilt and a desire not to perform it again. But the checking also needs to be at a level where it never repeats again. Maintaining a chart of one's own weakness means checking regularly. Such checking brings about a permanent change.

Experience: When I am able to maintain a chart where I could monitor my own progress, I am able to remain committed to my transformation. Adverse situations or people will never deter me, but I am able to bring about the desired change. I am able to continue the process of transformation even when what I seek to change is not harmful in the present phase of my life. Thus regular checking will prevent carelessness from creeping in.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It is on the basis of actions that praise is received.

Message for the day

Expression: The one who only talks but is not able to put his talk into practice does not become worthy of praise. On the other hand, the one who is able to bring his good thoughts and words into action becomes worthy of praise. Such a person's actions become inspirational for others and encourage them to follow him.

Experience: When I am able to act according to my thoughts and words, I am able to take inspiration to do more. For every positive action that I do, I experience support and good wishes from others which encourage me constantly. My account of positivity is always full and it takes me further to a cycle of positivity making it a habit. So I find that I don't have to work hard for performing positive actions.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

To see only problems is to become the one who only takes service

Message for the day

Expression: When there is the practice of seeing only problems in all situations there is the inability to find solutions and act effectively. All the resources that could be used for the benefit of the self and others remain hidden. Such a person becomes dependent on others for finding solutions and a source of pity.

Experience: When I am caught up with problems and not able to see anything else, I am unable to experience progress. I find myself moving backward losing a lot of things I have. I would not be able to retain my self-confidence and would become dependent on others. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

To have power means to enjoy the variety of life.

Message for the day

Expression: When there is the inner strength there is enthusiasm to give the best and also to learn and improve with every obstacle. To work with inner power is to be like a skilled player whose focus is on enjoying the match too rather than just on winning.

Experience: When I have learned the art of focusing on my strengths, I am able to enjoy the variety scenes that life brings for me. I would enjoy dealing with all these different scenes in a natural and easy way, and also be naturally victorious. And so I have the benefit of double enjoyment.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

To fill the ones who are hopeless with hope is the greatest service.

Message for the day

Expression: To have faith by seeing the positive qualities even in the most negative person is to fill them with hope. Also to fill hope means to encourage others to move forward in the most negative situation. When this is done they are able to use their potentials for a positive purpose and slowly bring about a change for the better.

Experience: When I am able to see positivity under all circumstances, I am able to have the courage and enthusiasm to make the best out of every situation. This also naturally makes me an inspiration for those around me too and makes me an image of support for those who want to make effort.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

To have an honest heart is to bring about quick transformation.

Message for the day

Expression: Honesty brings the power of realization and this realization brings the ability to bring about a positive change. What is realized is brought into words and actions immediately and perceptibly. So the one who realizes is also the one who gets the support of others to bring about quick and easy transformation. He is able to use all the resources available without giving excuses or waiting for situations to change.

Experience: When I am honest with myself first, I am able to recognize the change that I need to bring in myself. This brings realization, and where there is realization there is an inner experience. It is this inner experience that brings about an internal transformation, which is supported automatically by external things.

Friday, December 21, 2012

To have humility is to be available for others.

Message for the day

Expression: To focus not only on the self but on others too brings humility. Such humility allows others to come close. The one who is humble is able to give others what is required. Yet he balances with a certain quietness, so that others don't become too casual and familiar

Experience: When I am humble, I am easy and light giving the love that I have within. I am free from the sorrow of expectations. Instead I actually become a reservoir of treasures from where others can take benefit. I am constantly a giver being available for others.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Understanding brings change.

Message for the day

Expression: The one who attempts to learn and understand sees things in a new light. Such understanding changes perception of things and there is the expression of a new pattern of behaviour. Negativity is easily removed providing a space for everyone's growth. New actions bring new experience and there is change and progress.

Experience: I get the commitment to growth, when I am able to covert my understating into action. I am able to bring confidence in my life. Because of my new experience, I am able to be open for further learning too. Life becomes a beautiful journey of growth.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

To have the balance of self-respect and humility

Message for the day

Expression: The one who has self-respect is able to remain stable under all circumstances. He is the one who is able to take criticism also in the right spirit and move forward on the basis of the new learning that he is able to get at each step. So such a person is also the one who has humility.

Experience: When I have the balance between humility and self-respect I am able to learn without getting affected negatively by any situation or person. My consciousness remains elevated and I am able to cross over the situations easily. In fact I am able to move forward and experience constant progress and success.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

To have positive elevated thoughts for the self is to be a well-wisher.

Message for the day

Expression: To have positive thoughts for the self is to become a well-wisher. A well wisher means the one who fills hope in the one who is without hope. Such a person is able to fill even weak ones with his own treasures of pure thoughts and helps them move forward.

Experience: When I am constantly busy with good thoughts for my own self-progress, then I automatically have good wishes for others too. I enjoy the beauty of each moment and help others too to do that. I am able to give the leg of support to the lame and become instrumental in others' progress.

Monday, December 17, 2012

To recognise the power of light is to finish darkness.

Message for the day

Expression: The one who has recognition of light is aware that darkness is not permanent. With this recognition comes the faith that there is the capability within to remove this darkness(of negativity). Thus the effort begins to be put in to remove the last trace of negativity by adding positivity.

Experience: When I understand the fact that the only way to remove darkness is to add light, I am able to have faith that the negativity will be removed. This effort keeps me in constant enthusiasm. I am never tired of the obstacles, but am constantly experiencing growth and progress with each step.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

To be powerful is to be stable in all conditions.

Message for the day

Expression: The one who recognizes the power within is able to use this power and is able to deal with the outside challenges effectively. He never reacts to situations but gives his best to every situation. He is able to go a step further with each challenging situation, using situations as a chance to move forward.

Experience: When I experience the power within, I am ready for the different challenges that life brings. So I always remain stable. I am not afraid of difficulties, but face them with courage. So I experience moving a step forward with every challenging situation that comes. I am constantly achieving more and more power.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

To be balanced is to be successful in relationships.

Message for the day

Expression: To be balanced is to have the ability to do the right thing at the right time. It is the ability to use the head and the heart at the same time. It is the ability to have love and discipline. There is neither too much love nor too much discipline. There is an equal quantity of both.

Experience: When there is balance in my every act I am successful in my relationships. Because of this I receive their blessings too. I experience success in all I do and am able to enjoy a life of bliss. I am not caught up with questions about anything but am able to get the solutions in a second.

Friday, December 14, 2012

To make a practical plan is to experience constant progress.

Message for the day

Expression: The one who is able to make a plan that is practical is able to systematically work on himself, after having understood the internal resources that could be used. So such a person is working on himself, and also evaluating himself constantly. Whatever the shortcomings may be, they are removed and new efforts are put in constantly.

Experience: When I am able to follow a plan for my own progress diligently, then I am able to experience constant progress in my life. I am able to perceive even the small discrepancies and I am able to work further for my own progress. I am able to appreciate success in the little ways that I get and am able to put in greater effort.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

To be humble is to get a share of the outcome.

Message for the day

Expression: There is surely the contribution of each and everyone in the success of a task. The efforts of the one who puts in his best with humility are recognized. Humility enables such a person to give unconditionally, to give without expecting anything in return, even without any visible gains.

Experience: Since I don't expect anything I find that people are ready to give without conditions. I am able to appreciate whatever I get. I am also able to continue with what I started. I naturally put in continuous effort for the success of the task, whether there is recognition or not. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

To say I will do it is to ensure success

Message for the day

Expression: The ones who have faith are able to believe in succeeding even in the most difficult circumstances. They will never say "I will try to do it" but their words reflect the confidence, which make them say, "I will do it". They are able to make best use of the available resources and also find yet undiscovered resources.

Experience: When I am able to work with faith and believe in the success of a task, I'll naturally fill it with positive and powerful vibrations. This naturally ensures that the task is successful. Also people provide maximum support, as I am totally committed and confident. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Enthusiasm and alertness contribute to success.

Message for the day

Expression: To have enthusiasm means to guarantee continuous effort. The one who is enthusiastic never stops with challenging situations, but makes effort to move forward. When enthusiasm is combined with alertness there is the ability to bring balance so that there is caution along with courage.

Experience: When I am able to maintain my enthusiasm I am able to have courage in all situations. When I take up a step forward with courage I also experience the help that I get from others and also from God. I thus experience success at every step.

Monday, December 10, 2012

To make effort to remove the thorn of weakness is to be virtuous.

Message for the day

Expression: The presence of even one weakness within oneself reveals itself in words and actions. Behavior is colored with negativity and the inner specialities remain hidden. So to make effort to be free from the influence of even this little weakness is to spread the fragrance of virtues to all.

Experience: When I pay attention even to the smallest weakness I can take special care not to let it influence my life negatively. I am able to reach within and be in touch with my specialities. So however challenging the situations may be, I am
only focused on using my virtues and not my weaknesses.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Patience and accuracy bring achievement of goals.

Message for the day

: As much as it is important to set up goals for ourselves it is also equally important to put in effort for the achievement of these goals. The one who works with the two qualities of patience and accuracy, are able to put in effort work with commitment, under all circumstances. They are able to recognize the success that they get in little things and work further till they reach the goal.

Experience: When I am accurate in my efforts, I experience satisfaction and contentment. I also have the patience to understand the significance of my own effort and the result that I attain. So I am able to experience the sweetness of the result that I get in little ways. I also have the firm faith that I will attain whatever goal I set for myself.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

To have courage to work on the self is to find the beauty within.

Message for the day

Expression: Situations come that challenge one's own strength. At such times the mind tends to become weak displaying weaknesses. Then there is no courage to look within. The one who is able to be introspective at that time is able to find a new learning. He is thus able to express the beauty that is lying within.

Experience: When I understand that at each step of my life, situations come to bring out some quality from within, I'll never be afraid of situations. I'll have the courage to challenge my own assumptions and move forward based on the learning that I get and the beauty that I have been able to discover.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Contentment brings an experience of all other virtues.

Message for the day

Expression: Where there is contentment, there is surely an expression of all that is lying within. There is no need to look for external supports or signals to bring out what is within, but it is naturally used to make the best out of every situation. Contentment also brings about a desire to be better and better so one is able to work towards this end.

Experience: When I am content I am able to have a state of mind that is creative. So I am able to tap the inner resources for my own personal growth. I am able to creatively work with my own inner virtues and am able to add them even to the little acts that I do. I am never satisfied to the point of laziness.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Love enables one to be free from mistakes.

Message for the day

Expression: The one who has discovered the true love within in able to express this love under all circumstances. Love enables one to naturally and intuitively to give the best and so the right thing is done. Every word and act reflects the love and concern, thus benefiting others naturally. There is perfection visible in such a person.

Experience: True love enables me to give, without effort required to be put in. There is no effort doing the right things, but I do what is required to be done. There is a sense of satisfaction in giving without expecting. Also there is an experience of personal growth with every new situation enabling to move towards greater heights of maturity.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Compassion brings the ability to listen from heart.

Message for the day

Expression: When there is compassion for others, there is the ability to listen to others, to their words and also their feelings when there is the power to listen,there is understanding. This understanding enables one to be more caring and loving in words and actions too, giving according to others needs.

Experience: When I am open to the others feelings, I am able to relate to them effectively . I never let go of my inner strength becoming a source of support for others. I become such a strong pillar of support that others are able to free themselves of their negativity.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

To be free from desires is to be a donor.

Message for the day

Expression: The one who is aware of what he has attained is free from desires. He is able to recognize what he has and use it for one's own benefit and the benefit of others too. He is able to give without expecting from others i.e., he is able to give unconditionally.

Experience: When I am constantly in touch with my own inner treasures I am able to experience the richness and beauty of life. I experience contentment and satisfaction for what I have. As I continue to use these treasures, I find myself getting richer and richer with these internal treasures.

Monday, December 3, 2012

To be an example is to economise words.

Message for the day

Expression: Everyone is looking for examples and role models. The one who is able to become an example for others by living his life with quality is the one who becomes an inspiration to others. Then there is no need for so many words to express what has to be done. Whatever is required to be done will be done without having to be told.

Experience: When I have the aim of becoming a role model, I not only improve myself but also am able to give inspiration to others too. I find that the support and the cooperation comes very naturally and easily. So nothing is difficult for me as I am able to pool in everyone's resources without having to be told

Sunday, December 2, 2012

To be stabilised in the state of self-respect is to give respect too.

Message for the day

Expression: When someone is working with his own weakness, one way is just to be caught up with that weakness by looking at it. It is in fact more important to provide support and strength to the one who is weak because he has no strength of his own at that time. There is the ability to do this only when there is the ability to be aware of one's own inner strength, i.e., self-respect brings respect for others.

Experience: When I have respect for myself, I am able to maintain a positive state of mind at all times. When I am able to help others through my own positive attitude, I find myself free from the problem of the conflict of relationships and the negative feelings that emerge because of it. I am able to make others powerful too and thus earn their good wishes and blessings.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

To see specialities is to receive blessings.

Message for the day

Expression: Sometimes people are not able to use their specialities. But even at such times if one has the ability to see their specialities there is the ability to give courage and enthusiasm to them. One can provide them with such an environment that allows their own growth. So whatever the circumstances may be, there is progress.

Experience: When I am able to see the positive aspect of others, I can keep my mind free from a major portion of negativity. The potential of my thoughts can be used fully for my own inner progress and I can therefore make a contribution for the others too. This earns me blessings and good wishes from others, which further enhances my own progress.

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