Saturday, December 22, 2012

To have an honest heart is to bring about quick transformation.

Message for the day

Expression: Honesty brings the power of realization and this realization brings the ability to bring about a positive change. What is realized is brought into words and actions immediately and perceptibly. So the one who realizes is also the one who gets the support of others to bring about quick and easy transformation. He is able to use all the resources available without giving excuses or waiting for situations to change.

Experience: When I am honest with myself first, I am able to recognize the change that I need to bring in myself. This brings realization, and where there is realization there is an inner experience. It is this inner experience that brings about an internal transformation, which is supported automatically by external things.

Soul Sustenance

Overcoming Fears Connected With Negative Past Experiences (cont.)

The work with oneself to see what aspects of your past burden you and coming to terms with those aspects, requires silence, reflection and meditation. When you come to terms with your own past, you can let go of it and be free of it, not be afraid that the past will come back to you. If not, sometimes, it is like a shadow that follows you. If your house was robbed once, the shadow follows you that, perhaps, you might be robbed again. If they hurt you, you fear it will happen again. Sometimes that experience presents itself in dreams, in the subconscious or in present attitudes. Reliving the past in your mind, you do not fully enjoy the present. You have to accept the pieces of your past so that they do not continue to generate upsets. Accept that you had to live through them and live the present with a constructive vision of the future.

In the above context, it helps to write letters to God about your experiences. The exercise of sharing them with God in writing brings clarity inside you and helps you to bring the spiritual light and might in your life in order not to be burdened by unnecessary experiences, unhappiness or grief. Have you ever written to God? You could do it at night and tell Him the things that affected you or that you have learned. You can tell Him the things or intimate feelings that other people perhaps wouldn't understand or wouldn't be there to listen to. You could also talk to Him about all that you question, and you do not have an answer to. And the following morning, when you meditate and study a little bit of spiritual knowledge, you often receive answers.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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