Sunday, December 9, 2012

Patience and accuracy bring achievement of goals.

Message for the day

: As much as it is important to set up goals for ourselves it is also equally important to put in effort for the achievement of these goals. The one who works with the two qualities of patience and accuracy, are able to put in effort work with commitment, under all circumstances. They are able to recognize the success that they get in little things and work further till they reach the goal.

Experience: When I am accurate in my efforts, I experience satisfaction and contentment. I also have the patience to understand the significance of my own effort and the result that I attain. So I am able to experience the sweetness of the result that I get in little ways. I also have the firm faith that I will attain whatever goal I set for myself.

Soul Sustenance

Is It Possible To Manipulate The Law Of ‘Karma’?

Human laws can be adjusted, manipulated and even ignored by some, but no one can do the same with the Law of ‘Karma’. On the physical level, there is no time interval between an action and its reaction. If I throw an object in the air, it falls back immediately with the same force. With the Law of ‘Karma’, however, there can be a delay between the action and its result or fruit. The seeds of certain actions (negative or positive) bring immediate fruit. Others can take years or even many births to bear fruit. If I eat too much ice-cream, I will see the result or karmic effect of the negative ‘karma’ of greed within a space of ten-fifteen minutes in the form of a headache or after two days in the form of a cold and flu. This is an e.g. in which we realize the working of the Law of ‘Karma’, we realize clearly the cause and its effect, but on a subtle level, when we see the effects of actions, we do not realize that the cause may have actually been in a previous life. There is a total connection between the cause and the effect.

When we analyze a natural calamity such as a major earthquake that uproots buildings and trees, overturns vehicles and kills thousands of people. The physical cause may be tectonic activity associated with faults inside the earth’s surface but at the same time, we realize that such a calamity could have its roots in a process initiated by human beings a few hours, days or months ago – an e.g. being testing of nuclear weapons. On a personal level, I can say that there is nothing which happens to me for which I am not responsible. Whether I remember what I did to make it happen or not, whether I realize it or choose to ignore it,

I am ultimately responsible.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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