Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The ones with faith in the self will be able to make their thoughts and actions equal.

Message for the day 30-06-2015

Contemplation: When you have faith in yourself you will be able to have a high aim and you will be able to put into action all the thoughts that you have according to your aim. Your plans will then not be limited to thoughts only. 

Application: With the firm faith that you are special and unique, start putting into practice all the special thoughts that you get without postponing them. Slowly you will find yourself doing all the things that you think you should be doing. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Understanding brings happiness.

Message for the day 29-06-2015

Expression: Happiness lies in understanding the secret of whatever is happening. When one is able to remain happy in this way, he is able to spread this happiness to those around too, influencing the lives of all.

Experience: When I am able to remain happy under all circumstances, I am able to be free from the influence of others' negativity. Instead I will be able to become a major source of positive influence to those around me.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

You'll be able to do your best when you have respect for the tasks that you are involved in.

Message for the day 28-06-2015

Expression: Even the smallest task that you do becomes special when you understand why you are doing it. It then enables you to have respect for whatever you do. When you work with this respect you'll automatically do the best. 

Experience: Check what your feelings are in all the tasks that you are involved in throughout the day. In case you find any task as unimportant don't do it. Also tell yourself at the beginning of the day that today you will take the time to do everything properly. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The power of transformation brings all attainments

Message for the day 27-06-2015

Expression: When there is the ability to transform negative into positive, and waste into useful in a second there is the ability to be useful for the self and others. There would not be just complaints against the situation, but the best would be made out of all situations and move on to the aim set out. 

Experience: When I am able to use the power of transformation to finish negative and waste, I am able to experience being free from obstacles. So I am able to experience contentment under all circumstances for having made the best use of everything available. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

To be free from guilt means to ensure quick and easy progress.

Message for the day 26-06-2015

Expression: Blaming oneself for all that happens and taking the mind to extreme levels of guilt takes one to a sense of unworthiness. Such a person loses the strength and is unable to look for solutions in difficult situations. Hence there is nothing new that can be thought of, and the situation doesn't get any better. 

Experience: When I continue to blame myself, I believe that I deserver neither happiness nor love and that the sorrow that I am experiencing is a deserved punishment. So I lose all enthusiasm to improve the situation and have no awareness of the treasures that I have. So I experience no progress in my life. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The ones who see specialties become special.

Message for the day 25-06-2015

Expression: To see specialities and ignore negativity is to take a step ahead by imbibing those specialities. This creates a habit of seeing, taking in and expressing only positive qualities. So whatever the person may be, whatever his qualities may be, there is only a connection of positivity with him. 

Experience: When I am able to relate to everyone in this way with only specialities, I become special. I also find others responding positively to me and using only their speicialities while in contact with me. There are also a lot of good wishes that I receive from others because of my positive attitude. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

To be victorious means to pass obstacles with ease.

Message for the day 24-06-2015

Expression: The ones who aim to become victorious never think of not being faced with obstacles. Instead they look at each obstacle as a chance to use and express their own inner powers. So there is constant progress visible in them. 

Experience: When I am prepared for the inevitable challenges that life brings, I will not experience fear, tension or anxiety but will always be confident and fearless. Apart from actually being victorious in the situation, I also experience winning over my weaknesses and discovering new powers within me. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Concentration develops when the intellect is clean and clear.

Message for the day 23-06-2015

Expression: For the one whose intellect continues to wander, concentration becomes difficult or impossible. On the other hand, for the one who is focused on one thing there are no other distractions at that time and there is easy concentration. 

Experience: When I am able to remain focused, I am not troubled by distractions which lessen my concentration. Instead I am able to increase my discrimination power and am able to decide and judge well. This happens because my intellect becomes clean and gets cleared of waste. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

To have tolerance means to be stable.

Message for the day 22-06-2015

Expression: When one is faced with defamation or insult, tolerance gives the power to be stable and cool. And so there is the ability to smile even when there is negativity that comes. Tolerance means to see beyond the insults because of being stable in the stage of self-respect. 

Experience: When faced with criticism, if I am able to be stable in my stage of self-respect, I am able to learn from every negative remark that comes my way. I will never become defensive, but will be able to see clearly what new learning I could take. 

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