Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The ones with faith in the self will be able to make their thoughts and actions equal.

Message for the day 30-06-2015

Contemplation: When you have faith in yourself you will be able to have a high aim and you will be able to put into action all the thoughts that you have according to your aim. Your plans will then not be limited to thoughts only. 

Application: With the firm faith that you are special and unique, start putting into practice all the special thoughts that you get without postponing them. Slowly you will find yourself doing all the things that you think you should be doing. 

Soul Sustenance 30-06-2015

Finding The Destiny Maker (Part 1) 

All of us are players in the world drama with fixed roles, which we play in different births. At the same time once in the world drama we get a chance to re-define or re-shape or in other words re-write our roles with the pen of spiritual wisdom given by the Supreme and as per his subtle (non-physical) and physical directions given, when He comes down on Earth and is with us. So, we are indebted to God because of this, because our complete fortune and the roles we play would not be possible if the Supreme would not shower on us his love, his presence, his knowledge and his company.

You might ask that is destiny already made and we are merely playing the roles given to us? Also, are these roles given to us by God or are they just eternal and fixed? This is partially right. Roles are fixed and eternal but the roles are not given by God to us. As mentioned above, God only shares with us the way of re-shaping our roles when our roles are no longer happiness filled and our physical body, relationships with others as well our minds along with the roles that we play in our families as well as in our professional lives are no longer permanently happiness filled. On the other hand, there is sorrow in every sphere of life and if happiness exists also, it is not secured or safe. It is the time in the world drama when we can no longer say for sure that tomorrow will bring no negative surprises in the form of disturbing situations. So, we have to thank God because it is at this time when He comes down to help us and brings back happiness in all our life spheres. So, our roles are fixed i.e. destiny is already made and we are also given a chance by God to make our destiny once in the world drama. Love for the Supreme who is the destiny maker of our lives should flow from our heart and we should make God a part of our lives and find Him in the world at the present moment and take the pen of writing our destiny from Him. This is because the time for doing that is now. In fact, it is now or never. 

(To be continued tomorrow …)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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