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Premanandhan N K ,B.E Comp.Sc.,
Software Consultant
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

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Mobile :-      +91 98844 86609
Land Line :- +91 44 42845467
Fax           :-  +91 44 42845467
E Mail     :-
Website  :-

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Nethrodaya - A Self-Help Organization for the Visually Impaired
Message for the Day and Soul Sustenance
Life is Beautiful

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- rajiprem72


  1. pleae try and try again.when the day open the door but we don't know

  2. good job sir i like yours blogs

  3. Om Shanti, Good Godly job, keep going, Shiv Baba is always with us to accomplish the drama, don't miss out your part in this sangam yug. Om Shanti.
    My Mob: +91 9099174222 email:


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