Friday, December 14, 2012

To make a practical plan is to experience constant progress.

Message for the day

Expression: The one who is able to make a plan that is practical is able to systematically work on himself, after having understood the internal resources that could be used. So such a person is working on himself, and also evaluating himself constantly. Whatever the shortcomings may be, they are removed and new efforts are put in constantly.

Experience: When I am able to follow a plan for my own progress diligently, then I am able to experience constant progress in my life. I am able to perceive even the small discrepancies and I am able to work further for my own progress. I am able to appreciate success in the little ways that I get and am able to put in greater effort.

Soul Sustenance

Using Creativity and Positive Thinking To Overcome Dependencies

The correct use of creativity and positive thinking helps us to overcome any type of dependencies or negative tendencies that we may have. Often we live under the illusion (false belief) that we can only be happy thanks to objects, people and places, but happiness is something that we experience when we put our heart into something, and our intention is of giving and not of taking. In the creative activity that we experience greatest enjoyment in, our happiness comes from within and expresses itself outwards, and not from the outside in. Creative personal development helps us to overcome laziness. On overcoming it, we recover the inner strength necessary to free ourselves of certain dependencies, such as the dependency on the creativity of others to entertain us e.g. watching a movie in which actors entertain the viewers. It is fine to enjoy entertainment, but the important thing is that you are capable of spending a good amount of time being creative yourself, overcoming laziness, boredom and the wasting away of our own inner creative capacity.

Also, let us learn to create thoughts which are positive and creative. They arise out of the spiritual knowledge of the inner self or soul. In this way, thanks to those higher quality creative thoughts, full of peace, harmony, love and happiness, the mind gets strengthened and is able to overcome old habits and negative tendencies which we hold on to or are dependent on.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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