Thursday, December 13, 2012

To be humble is to get a share of the outcome.

Message for the day

Expression: There is surely the contribution of each and everyone in the success of a task. The efforts of the one who puts in his best with humility are recognized. Humility enables such a person to give unconditionally, to give without expecting anything in return, even without any visible gains.

Experience: Since I don't expect anything I find that people are ready to give without conditions. I am able to appreciate whatever I get. I am also able to continue with what I started. I naturally put in continuous effort for the success of the task, whether there is recognition or not. 

Soul Sustenance

Adding A Spiritual Vibration To My Actions

My quality of ‘yoga’ or meditation is reflected through the ‘karmas’ or actions that I perform. If I add meditation in my daily routine, whatever actions I perform, start carrying a different quality or vibration to them. Work itself (whether at home or in the office), far from being a routine affair and just a medium of survival, becomes the basis of real transformation or change. After all, it was through actions that the soul came down from its original, pure, positive state. It is through actions that it can return back to the same state.

It's not just action for the self but action or ‘karma’ becomes the means through which I can share the experience I have in meditation, with others – be it family members, my colleagues in the office, at the city mall, in the vegetable market, on the street etc. - just about anywhere and everywhere. My meditation isn't an incognito (invisible) process but a very visible one. I can see the results of ‘yoga’ through my ‘karmas’. If my actions are filled with irritation and anger, or are motivated by emotions such as ego, greed, attachment, jealousy, hatred, etc, or if I do not experience constant happiness or my mind still has a high percentage of waste thoughts, these are indicators that my meditation is inaccurate or insufficient. If there is the experience of a link with the Supreme, his peace, purity, love, joy and power will manifest themselves and be visible to others through my actions.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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