Friday, December 7, 2012

Contentment brings an experience of all other virtues.

Message for the day

Expression: Where there is contentment, there is surely an expression of all that is lying within. There is no need to look for external supports or signals to bring out what is within, but it is naturally used to make the best out of every situation. Contentment also brings about a desire to be better and better so one is able to work towards this end.

Experience: When I am content I am able to have a state of mind that is creative. So I am able to tap the inner resources for my own personal growth. I am able to creatively work with my own inner virtues and am able to add them even to the little acts that I do. I am never satisfied to the point of laziness.

Soul Sustenance

The Four Pillars Of A Spiritual Lifestyle - Achieving A Balance

A balanced and fulfilling spiritual life is like a table. It stands on four legs and if one leg is shorter than the others then both balance and equilibrium will be difficult. The four legs or pillars of a spiritual life are given below in the form of four subjects. If any of the subjects is not a part of our lives or is a part of our life, but not to as great an extent as the others, then the overall balance of our spiritual life will be affected adversely (negatively).

1. Daily spiritual study (knowledge or ‘gyan’)
Daily spiritual study provides the right quality of nourishment for our mind and intellect, the two important energies of the soul.

2. Daily meditation (spiritual ‘yoga’)
Daily meditation provides the means to explore, discover and reconnect with oneself and with God.

3. The inculcation and development of virtues (‘dharna’)
Giving some time each day to the conscious development of our character (virtue) helps to eliminate any negative ‘sanskars’ or personality characteristics (vices) arid improves our ability to build positive and harmonious relationships. The quality of our relationships is a mirror reflection of our ‘dharna’.

4. The service of others (‘seva’)
A life purpose based on some kind of service is the foundation of personal growth through the practice of giving. Finding appropriate ways to use our increasing spiritual power and understanding (through the three subjects mentioned above) for the benefit of others is the most satisfying way to use our energy today. It also
ensures happiness for the present as well as for the future through accumulation of positive energy in the form of blessings of those who are served.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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