Thursday, December 6, 2012

Love enables one to be free from mistakes.

Message for the day

Expression: The one who has discovered the true love within in able to express this love under all circumstances. Love enables one to naturally and intuitively to give the best and so the right thing is done. Every word and act reflects the love and concern, thus benefiting others naturally. There is perfection visible in such a person.

Experience: True love enables me to give, without effort required to be put in. There is no effort doing the right things, but I do what is required to be done. There is a sense of satisfaction in giving without expecting. Also there is an experience of personal growth with every new situation enabling to move towards greater heights of maturity.

Soul Sustenance

Adopting A Wiser Perception

Depending on my choice of perception, I may see life as a battleground, where I face a constant battle from morning to night. The constant to and fro between family and work may tire me emotionally and mentally. If I let it and see it that way, life can also itself become the ‘cause’ or ‘source’ of my tensions. It may even seem as if the path of life is scattered with rocks blocking my way. Instead of stepping around or over them, I perceive them as being obstacles. The thoughts may come easily to my mind - 'If it was not for so-and-so or such-and-such, I would be able to...'. I may mention the same to my loved ones. Instead of bringing me any benefit, these complaints take me away from the power that I, the soul, have within of changing anything. I simply pass on my capacity to change, to persons or objects over whom or which I obviously have no control.

If I am fortunate to have a wiser perception which spirituality can give me, life can become a great place to learn and grow. Behind seemingly difficult situations are my major lessons. Disguised in routine tasks are the sign boards that point me back towards truth. Relationships that bring with them repeated scenes of negativity with the same person and for the same reasons show me the weaknesses I have to work on. Indeed, until I work on the eradication of my weaknesses, I keep repeating them. Challenges do come, but they help to bring out the best in me. If I have the subtle eyes to see and the courage to go forward... life is a constant experience of reminders and benefits to progress along the road to my highest consciousness.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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