Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Compassion brings the ability to listen from heart.

Message for the day

Expression: When there is compassion for others, there is the ability to listen to others, to their words and also their feelings when there is the power to listen,there is understanding. This understanding enables one to be more caring and loving in words and actions too, giving according to others needs.

Experience: When I am open to the others feelings, I am able to relate to them effectively . I never let go of my inner strength becoming a source of support for others. I become such a strong pillar of support that others are able to free themselves of their negativity.

Soul Sustenance

Breaking Down Patterns Of Negative Thoughts And Feelings

Having understood that the source of our feelings are our thoughts, we realize that right through our journey in the physical world, in many births, we have repeatedly built up enormous webs of negative and harmful thoughts and feelings, creating many unnecessary difficulties for us, internally as well as externally. The habit continues in my present life too. Meditation helps me to untangle this mess, and break the habit. It helps me come to terms with what is going on in my own inner world and understand how I create thoughts and feelings, how to take responsibility for them, and how to tap into my original, positive inner resources, which helps me displace negative patterns of thoughts and feelings. So, meditation is not merely a relaxation technique but a powerful tool for a seemingly difficult task of self-transformation.

To get the positive cycle of thoughts and feelings working in my life, the easiest place to start with is our thoughts. It's not very difficult to change our thoughts. It just requires attention. And by changing my thoughts, it becomes easy to change my feelings. In meditation, I decide that for a few minutes, each day (it could be as less as 1-2 minutes or as much as 25-30 minutes, depending on the external setting I am in) I am going to set aside negative thoughts which are weak or wasteful, and create pure, positive, powerful thoughts, based on the awareness of my spiritual identity. As I do this, I begin to experience the original resources or treasures of the self. As a result, positive and powerful feelings for the self and others emerge.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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