Wednesday, December 12, 2012

To say I will do it is to ensure success

Message for the day

Expression: The ones who have faith are able to believe in succeeding even in the most difficult circumstances. They will never say "I will try to do it" but their words reflect the confidence, which make them say, "I will do it". They are able to make best use of the available resources and also find yet undiscovered resources.

Experience: When I am able to work with faith and believe in the success of a task, I'll naturally fill it with positive and powerful vibrations. This naturally ensures that the task is successful. Also people provide maximum support, as I am totally committed and confident. 

Soul Sustenance

Hearing The Voice Of Inner Wisdom Clearly

In a way we already know all that we need to know and all that is required to bring about transformation in the self – after all originally, we were a perfect being, and the experience of that stage as well as the knowledge of the path to reach back to that original, perfect stage is embedded inside us. Then why take up spirituality? Why can't we just listen to our intuition – the voice of inner wisdom? Listening to our intuition would be great but unfortunately most of us are not able to hear the voice of our own inner wisdom, which lies submerged in the sub-conscious because the noise of our thoughts, feelings and attitudes drowns the voice out. We have been gathering, slowly and steadily, thousands of beliefs since we have been a part of the cycle of birth and rebirth and these beliefs, in turn, create a flood of incorrect and unwanted thoughts and feelings, today, which distort the true inner voice so that when we think our intuition is telling us something that is true, it is really a wrong belief that we learned sometime in the past.

Over a period of time, as the soul gets purified through the practice of meditation and as it starts listening to and understanding true spiritual knowledge, false beliefs based on body consciousness get displaced by true ones based on spiritual consciousness and this inner voice starts speaking absolutely clearly and accurately without any wrong judgments or distortion. That is why, in the beginning, when we are still learning to connect with God, it is extremely important, to have the guidance of someone more experienced when learning meditation, who can guide us with his/her wisdom and experience, so that we can differentiate between what is actually our intuition and our own belief influenced viewpoint.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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