Thursday, March 1, 2012

Brahma Kumaris - Traffic Control Songs

Brahma Kumaris - Traffic Control Songs are listened in the remembrance of Lord Shiva The Almighty.

The songs and the time to be played are listed below.

1. Amritvela Suddh Pawan-3.30am
2. Satya Hi Shiv Hei- 5.45 am
3. Antarman Me Jyoti-7.00am
4. Nit Yad Karo Man Se-10.30am
5. Shiv Pita Ko Yaad Karo-12noon
6. Yogi Bano Gyani Bano-5.30 pm
7. Shiv Ki Yad Rahegi-07.30 pm
8. Andhakar Man Ka Mite -9.30pm

Actually the first song Amritvela Suddh Pawan is considered as Amritvela Song and the rest 7 songs as traffic control songs. All the Traffic Control songs are 3 minutes in length , which symbolises (7*3=21) 21 Births.(1 in Sangamuyuga + 8 in Sathayuga + 12 in Threthayuga= 21 births).

To listen to the Traffic Control Songs click the icon below.

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