Saturday, December 5, 2015

It is on the basis of actions that praise is received.

Message for the day 05-12-2015

Expression: The one who only talks but is not able to put his talk into practice does not become worthy of praise. On the other hand, the one who is able to bring his good thoughts and words into action becomes worthy of praise. Such a person's actions become inspirational for others and encourage them to follow him. 

Experience: When I am able to act according to my thoughts and words, I am able to take inspiration to do more. For every positive action that I do, I experience support and good wishes from others which encourage me constantly. My account of positivity is always full and it takes me further to a cycle of positivity making it a habit. So I find that I don't have to work hard for performing positive actions. 

Soul Sustenance 05-12-2015

God And I - The Task We Share (Part 6)

Living a life of service is as simple as living your daily routine in which you perform the simplest of tasks. Presently, God is choosing people from all over the world who will help Him and it is upto us, the selected ones, to fulfill His dream, a dream where everyone has the basic spiritual wisdom and is extremely noble and pure in his thoughts, words and actions and the world is like a magical place of peace, love and joy. A few lakhs or millions will awaken the billions and then we will be in the middle of an inner awakening wave where slowly, over a period of time, a percentage of the world population will get at least the basic introduction of the true knowledge of the soul, God and the history and geography of the world, as given by God. And also the whole world will atleast know about God’s present task of world change and know that God is presently changing the world from a sorrow filled hell to a happiness filled heaven, where there is no sorrow.

To bring this time close soon on this planet where God’s presence is experienced in each and every heart with a spiritual belongingness i.e. a spiritual wisdom filled love for the Supreme, we need to work hard now. Also, bring a time close where everyone says - My Supreme Father has come to liberate me from sorrow. When everyone says mine with love and respect for God, the Supreme Father of humanity, that’s when the flag of God’s glorification will wave in the entire world and in every human being’s heart. We are looking at that future and it’s the future which God has already mentioned, will come on this planet soon, where every spiritual child will hold the flag of his or her spiritual parent’s love, based on spiritual knowledge, in his or her heart and will celebrate a union with their spiritual parent.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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