Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to find happiness

Message for the day 25-08-2011

How to find happiness. 

Projection: We are peaceful beings but external situations pull us away from our peace if we let them. When there is not a very positive situation that we are confronted with, we need to save ourselves from the pull of the outside situation and rely on the peace within. 

Solution: Every morning let me practice being a peaceful being, who is totally in charge of myself. When I make this practice firm, when difficult situations do come I will be able to rely more on my internal peace instead of getting carried away by the external situations.

Soul Sustenance 25-08-2011

What Is And What Is Not ‘Real’ Happiness? 

Real happiness is not an external stimulation by watching an action movie or eating out or buying a new dress; it is not the result of acquiring something – whether it be a new car or a position, or of receiving some good news. True happiness is not relief from suffering – whether from an illness or a difficult situation, nor is it the achievement of a goal – whether personal or professional. All these are externally dependent, where happiness is confused with stimulation, excitement, achievement, acquisition or relief. Happiness is not all of these. You also know that happiness is not a future promise. It can only be experienced now.

So what is spiritual happiness - perhaps a better way to describe spiritual happiness is contentment. This comes from a complete awareness and acceptance of the self as we are now at an internal level, and an acceptance of 'what is' at an external level. Sounds difficult? The highest happiness is bliss which can be experienced only when the soul/self is totally free of all attachment and dependency. Sounds even more difficult? But this is a spiritual understanding and definition of 'happiness', which is not difficult to accept and make a part of our life, once there is a deep understanding and absorptionof spiritual knowledge, but spiritual knowledge which is accurate and complete in all aspects. Spiritual happiness is a direct result of spiritual knowledge. Without complete knowledge of the self, one cannot remain ‘ever and truly happy’ (happy as per the definition above).

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris


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