Thursday, August 4, 2011

Advantages of selfless service

Message for the day 04-08-2011
Your generosity in putting others forward will automatically place you in front.

When you say 'you first' instead of 'I first' you will be placed forward. For having done the selfless service of putting others forward and encouraging them, you will get plenty of blessings. This will take you forward very quickly.

Solution: When there is a conflict with someone, become generous. Instead of expecting the other person to understand you and do according to what you want, listen to what he is saying. When you give a chance in this way you will move forward very quickly.   

Soul Sustenance 04-08-2011

Aligning Your Action With Your Purpose (cont.) What our self or being wants and seeks at bottom is connected to living some values in an authentic way in all areas of life. What happens is that we have disconnected from our true, original and authentic spirituality, and we live the day-to-day routine from our defenses and our fears. So we do things only from a sense of duty and compulsive perfectionism, which weakens the imagination, sensitivity, spontaneity, and the pleasure of enjoying the path of human action.

We have to decide that we want to have time. The decision to have time for human tasks like playing, reading, thinking, reflecting, learning, meditating, innovating, having friends, loving, spending time with the family or simply being is essential in order to give meaning to life and to provide pure happiness, above the mundane (ordinary). It has to be facilitated on a practical level from the different degrees of power and management that each person has in life. Don't wait for someone to magically appear to make you happy. You have to know that nobody will come as if by magic to rescue you from your essential emptiness. It has to be you yourself who decides to live with a purpose and fill yourself in order to overcome your deficiencies and enjoy your life.   

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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