Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cleanliness of the intellect brings accurate decision making.

Message for the day 

Expression: When the intellect is not clear, it is constantly wandering and it becomes tired. A tired intellect is not able to concentrate properly and so whatever decisions are made at that time are not so accurate. When there is cleanliness within there are no waste or negative thoughts and the entire thought power is used in the right way and so the right decisions are made.
Experience: When I am clean within, I am able to experience lightness. Because I am clean and clear within, I find that I do not have any conflict or difficulty in making decisions. Instead I will be able to find the flow of thoughts moving in the right direction very naturally. So I find things also moving in the right direction.

Soul Sustenance 

Themes/Thoughts For Meditation (cont.)

Here are a few thoughts or themes for meditation to help you:

. I am a point of pure spiritual energy, a point of pure light, situated at the center of the forehead. While the world around me is always changing, while even thoughts and feelings come and go, I the soul remain here at the centre of myself, still, unchanging and totally stable. In this inner space of stillness I experience pure peace, pure calm and pure silence.

Repeat and expand the thoughts explained over the last couple of days gently to yourself, allowing them to take root deeply in your mind while enjoying the flowering of the real feelings they bring. It sometimes helps to write them down and then to contemplate (think about) them in quiet moments. In this way you can reconnect with your spiritual power with ease. Remember, the ultimate aim is to go beyond .thoughts. into the actual .experience.. But you cannot force this - if you try to, it will not happen. Use the thoughts to gently guide you there. They will fall away on their own and, when the time is right, instead of thinking about peace you will reside (stay) in peace - the peace which always resides (stays) within you.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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