Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The one who understands God's love is himself loving too.

Message for the day 

Expression: The one who understands that God has love for all children, never hates anyone, however negative the other person's characteristics might be. There is the understanding that it is not the person who is negative, but it is only a negative quality working within that person at that time. A loving person's love discourages the other person to use the negativity and encourages to use the positive qualities instead.
Experience: When I am connected with God, I am able to experience His love. Once I understand and experience His love, I am able to remain loving too - even with the most difficult people. I am then able to have good wishes for all, understanding that my love will make them positive too. I am never caught up with anyone's negativity, but am always happy as I only interact with positivity.

Soul Sustenance 

Themes/Thoughts For Meditation (cont.)

Here are a few thoughts or themes for meditation to help you:

. I am a being of radiant light, like a star in the night sky reflecting and radiating light in the darkness of the night. The, light, which emanates from the heart of me is peaceful and loving. I know not who it touches, but I know it does touch. It is my gift to the world.

. I am just a tiny point of pure energy, of light, situated at the center of the forehead. And within that tiny point lie all my thoughts and my personality traits. Within the point of light that I am, lie all the qualities of spirit that I have - I am a source of love, a source of peace, a source of contentment and wisdom.

. I am a conscient point of energy, at the center of the forehead and I give life to my body. This body may be heavy, but I the soul am so light, and free that I can almost fly. I experience joy as the soul releases itself from the chains of matter.

(To be continued tomorrow.)        

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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  1. Very inspiring & this certainly brought me back to center. Thank you


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