Thursday, September 4, 2014

Victory is guaranteed to the ones who are constantly loving

Message for the day 04-09-2014

Projection: The ones who are loving are able to involve others in everything they do with their love. So whatever the task maybe, they find it to be very easy and are able to accomplish the biggest task with ease. Also each task done by them is with love and so everything is done with lightness and so victory is guaranteed. 

Solution: When I am loving and do everything with love, I constantly experience lightness, based on the blessings from others. I am carefree as there is no heaviness of the task to be performed. Love transforms labour into entertainment. My internal lightness enables me to do the biggest task with great ease, involving everyone with love. 

Soul Sustenance 04-09-2014

The Power of Silence 

To enter into the experience of silence is not to be blank of thoughts or with a feeling of inner emptiness. True silence is the silence of the mind in which the generation of wasteful and negative thoughts has stopped and a feeling of quietness, serenity (peacefulness) and harmony is generated. When the mind is calm and becomes peaceful in this way, you develop the capacity to observe and separate yourself from the things that surround you and you see them from another perspective (angle). Silence connects you to the power that can take you beyond the influence of any negative experience and strengthens you to enjoy a positive and full life. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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