Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The balance of flexibility and discipline

Message for the day 22-09-2010
The one who has the balance of flexibility and discipline is the one who is constantly successful.

Projection: It is of course necessary to be flexible but if we are so flexible that others take advantage of us it is not right. So we need to have a balance of flexibility and discipline i.e., to be flexible within the rules and code of conduct.

Solution: It is necessary to take care that the flexible nature within us doesn't waste our time or other resources. We have to be able to say no if the situation demands. But whatever we say has to be told with love, which comes when our nature is that of flexibility.

Soul Sustenance 22-09-2010
Methods Of Settling Our Karmic Debt (cont.)

There are three methods of settling our karmic debts and setting ourselves free. We had explained the first method Practice Of Soul Consciousness yesterday. We continue to explain the same today:

Being soul-conscious, and acting from that consciousness, naturally heals the scars (habits and tendencies) left by past negative actions which were based on the illusion (false belief) of body-consciousness. The evidence that our meditation is working is a lightness of the mind and an increasing easiness in our interactions with others. These are the signs that we are clearing our karmic debts. It is at this stage when we are gradually transferring ourselves from body-consciousness to soul consciousness that we will often find it helpful and supportive to be in the company of those who are also practicing meditation, learning to be 'soul-conscious' and making the same effort to awaken and to stay awake. It gives us the opportunity to share experiences and learn from others. We will also be less likely to find benefit or make progress in the company of those who continue to focus mainly on the material world and who still see themselves only as physical beings.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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