Saturday, September 25, 2010

True help is to give support

Message for the day 24-09-2010
True help is to give support in such a way that people become independent.

Projection: Think of those people we are giving some kind of help or support. Check if we are helping in such a way to make them independent or is our help making them dependent on us.

Solution: We should remind ourselves that our aim in helping is to make people independent and strong in such a way that they are able to support others too. Our help should never make people weak.

Soul Sustenance 24-09-2010
Methods Of Settling Our Karmic Debt (cont.)

There are three methods of settling our karmic debts and setting ourselves free. We had explained the second method Self Transformation yesterday. We continue to explain the same today:

The moment we are aware that our own discomforts in relationships are due to us and not due to others, we are halfway to self-change and the clearing of karmic debts. The next step is to forgive ourselves, for wounding ourselves with our negative thoughts and actions, and to forget the past. When we do this work of inner healing, we automatically change our response to the person or situation previously causing our discomfort. Our new spiritual response is like a new step sequence in our dance with the other person and if we change our step they have to change theirs. Or maybe they are dancing the right steps and we learn to dance the right steps, too. Whatever the case, the saying, "When we change, the world changes', holds true. If they don't change, we will need to strengthen our own capacity to be patient and check that we do not want them to change in a certain way as a result of our own desires and expectations. If we do want them to change, it means we are trying to control them in a subtle way, which means we still have a selfish motive. This always results in frustration and failure as it is not possible to control another human being.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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