Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The one with tolerance can make difficult tasks easy

Message for the day 28-06-2011
The one with tolerance can make difficult tasks easy.

Projection: When we accept even the difficult situations that come our way, we can be tolerant towards them. This acceptance will also give us the power to see the positive aspect even in the most negative situations.

Solution: When faced with a difficult situation I need to think of one good thing that will come out of it. When I see the positive aspect I will be able to accept the situation and in fact enjoy whatever life is offering.
Soul Sustenance 28-06-2011
What Shapes Our Perception? (cont.)

If someone believes that Indians are very generous, good-hearted people, and they have this ingrained in their subconscious, this thought will form part of their perception of India. Perhaps not only part of their perception: they may even identify fully with this belief. In other words, the thought becomes a belief and finally one identifies with the belief. The same holds true for any negative belief about anything or anyone.

There are four main criteria that may influence how our perception of reality is distorted or altered (changed). These are:

Mental Positioning
Mental position is the internal position from which we see situations, and may be positive or negative.

For example, we are really excited about owning a new car, but after buying it we start worrying about where to park it, if it may be stolen or we might meet with an accident. Another example is that of the professional who has always dreamt of being promoted at work and, when he gets it, starts to fear losing it. According to our mental positioning we experience fear (a negative state of mind) or we feel confident (a positive one). A correct mental positioning broadens our conscience and improves our lives and relationships.

To live in the present in a relaxed way and planning the future with an open and optimistic view, we should be able to free ourselves from preconceived ideas and the influences that dominate our perceptions. To do this, the best mental position is that of being an impartial observer. In this way we can observe, recognize and transform (change) those thoughts, attitudes that cause us pain, anxiety and stress.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

In Spiritual Service,
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