Thursday, June 30, 2011

Introversion enables one to experience progress

Message for the day 30-06-2011
Introversion enables one to experience progress.

Projection: When we are introverted we will be able to check ourselves and progress. Introversion gives us the power to see our own mistake, however small it might be. With the recognition of the mistake comes the power to bring about a change and there is an experience of progress.

Solution: I remind myself that with each mistake that happens, I actually get a chance to learn. When something goes wrong I don't have to feel disheartened but, take it as a learning for my future. This understanding gives me the experience of constant progress whatever the circumstances might be.
Soul Sustenance 30-06-2011
Freeing Oneself from Hatred

Rage has many 'offspring' (children), such as hate, anger, intolerance, insistence, irritation, obsession, sarcasm (taunt), envy, the abuse of authority, impatience, the lack of forgiveness. Generally it 'explodes' when we want to control another or when our expectations have not been fulfilled.

Hate destroys your concentration and kills the capacity to act with dignity and excellence. You hate by justifying yourself in the other. You had expectations of them and they have let you down. They have wounded you and broken your heart. You answer this wound with revenge. You have to make them pay for it. You think that way you will do justice. This hate keeps you tied to the person that you hate. Instead of accepting them, forgiving them and letting go of them, you tie yourself to them more, nourishing and increasing the pain and the conflict.

Can hate be justified? Can it improve things? Can hate be healthy in any circumstance? Hate affects your health; it 'poisons' your heart, kills your inner peace and dries you of love and happiness; you stay isolated in your aloneness, filled with that rage.

(To be continued tomorrow …)
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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