Friday, July 1, 2011

True happiness

Message for the day 01-07-2011
True happiness doesn't come from external things or people but from within.

Projection: As long as we depend for our happiness on external sources, there is every chance that we are disappointed. True happiness is that which comes from within. It is to enjoy and cherish each moment. When we do this our happiness spreads to others too.

Solution: Let me take this thought today to smile at everyone and everything that comes my way. When I believe I am happy I will be able to take even the negative things in the most positive way.
Soul Sustenance 01-07-2011
Freeing Oneself from Hatred (cont.)

Take a moment to reflect upon the last time that you hated someone. It might be difficult to see that your rage is created by no one but yourself. Although it 'seems' that the behaviour of the other person is responsible for your emotional state, the truth is that the hate is your reaction. Each response that you create might be a conscious choice. You forget that you have the choice because it seems that the hate comes out of your inside in a natural way. In reality, you are allowing yourself to act driven by your automatic pilot, where your subconscious habits, which are based on your beliefs and your perception, influence, shape and control your conscious thoughts and actions. That is the sign of mental and emotional laziness; in that state, your intelligence 'sleeps' and it is impossible to think with clarity and take precise decisions.

It is said, "It is impossible to get angry and to laugh at the same time," Rage and laughter cannot exist side by side and you have the sufficient power to choose either of the two. Each time that you choose to get angry due to the behaviour of another person, you are depriving them of their right to be what they choose.

(To be continued tomorrow …)
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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