Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The one who has respect for the self

Message for the day 06-07-2011
The one who has respect for the self is the one who gets respect from others.

Projection: Every human being has innate worth which is pure and virtuous. Faith in the self brings out the potential within and this brings respect for the self. Self-respect makes us self-reliant and brings respect from others.

Solution: In order to get respect from others, I need to increase my own self-respect. For this, all I need to do is find something unique in myself and each morning remind myself of this speciality. Also let me make sure I work at least once with this speciality throughout the day.
Soul Sustenance 06-07-2011
Understanding God's Role In The World Drama Clearly (cont.)

There are certain unchangeable laws which govern the interplay of the soul, God and nature. God will not infringe those laws. He will not grant favors to some and not to others. Nor will He remove sin unless the devotee himself begins to make the efforts necessary. He is immune to both praise and insult.

God's greatness lies not in the ability to interfere with events when He chooses. It lies in the fact that He alone is the only one in the universe who abides by these laws perfectly and forever. His might is purely spiritual. The Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, uses His power for the benefit of the world. He uses His qualities to transform it when it reaches extreme degradation. Human souls enter the world and little by little, through birth and rebirth, lose some of their original powers through the contact with and influence of matter. Because of losing their qualities, matter starts to "dominate" and defects and weaknesses appear in the soul, causing one to depend more and more on "body-consciousness." Values change, virtues change into vices and the spiritual, and consequently physical, atmospheres become darker. In this kind of dark atmosphere, we rightly believe that God, who is the Almighty, is the one who can teach us the perfect laws of living, who can empower and purify us through spiritual knowledge and meditation and as a result help set things right.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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