Saturday, July 23, 2011

Where there is humility, there is benefit to many

Message for the day 23-07-2011
Where there is humility, there is benefit to many.

Projection: Just as the tree laden with fruit bows down, the one who is full is the one who is humble. Such a person can bring benefit to all those around. Humility makes us a giver in all situations, also making it easy for others to take what we have to offer.

Solution: In all my interactions with others, It is more important to see what I can give them, instead of just expecting from them. Then, even when I have to follow others' directions there would be no difficulty. Humility helps me to bow very easily.

Soul Sustenance 23-07-2011

Positive Thinking

The sun is a suitable image for positive thinking. The visualization described below uses a sunlit landscape as a comparison for the four levels of thoughts we create (positive, necessary, waste and negative). It can be used to increase your percentage of positive thoughts everyday.

1. Visualize a beautiful valley with a lake, forested foothills and high mountains rising up into the clouds. This is the landscape of your mind.

2. Your position in this landscape and the form in which you are displayed depends on the quality of your thoughts. Are you a fish swimming in the muddy depths of the lake (negative thoughts)? Are you a frog jumping back and forth from the shore to the lake (wasteful thoughts)? A human, wandering into the forest to gather food and build a shelter (necessary thoughts)? Or the sun, which sustains (nourishes) all life on earth (positive thoughts)?

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