Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Respect is to recognize

Message for the day 05-07-2011
Respect is to recognize and appreciate the unique role of each and everyone.

Projection: Each one is unique with his own specialities. When we recognize the role of each one, we can understand that he is playing his part accurately. Then we can acknowledge even the smallest contribution and we'll be free from expectations.

Solution: When I have negative thoughts towards any one, I need to make the practice of looking at one speciality in that person and relate to it. Also let me tell myself that without the role of this particular person the drama of my life would not be complete.
Soul Sustenance 05-07-2011
Understanding God's Role In The World Drama Clearly (cont.)

God has no direct influence on nature. It is not He causes the change of seasons, kills or grants babies, makes airplanes crash, causes earthquakes, floods and terrorist attacks. This is the play between human souls and matter directly. The laws of nature are not the laws of God. The laws that human beings are following at this moment are not the laws of God. He teaches us His laws – the perfect laws of living; we learn them and make our lives perfect –as a result of which the world remains in a perfect state full of peace, love and happiness for some time. But then we forget the same laws and the world falls down to an imperfect state, devoid (without) of the virtues mentioned above.

God has been considered to be so great, so beyond understanding, and some convenient automatic phrases have developed: "It is the will of God... everything is the will of God", or ''I'll be here next week, God willing." How can one say: "God is beyond understanding", and also say what His will is? If God is an ocean of love, surely His will is the reflection of that love. It is not His will to kill people, nor is it His power to bring them back to life. It is not He who makes the grass grow and the wind blow. It is not He who is the energy that binds the atoms together. It is not He who gives us our roles. It is because we have misunderstood His almighty nature that we seek His favour in the churches and temples: "Grant us this ....", "God forgive me..." and so on. Though we flatter Him to give us this and that, when something goes wrong, or a relative dies, He is the one who is blamed, "It is the will of God" – we feel and speak.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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