Sunday, July 17, 2011

Responsibility is best fulfilled when?

Message for the day 17-07-2011
 Responsibility is best fulfilled by the one who is detached.

When one is attached to the task that he is responsible for it leads to worry, doubt and fear. This can have a crippling effect on decision-making and result in difficult situations. On the other hand, the one who is detached is the one who is able to see things clearly and so fulfill all responsibilities with lightness.

Solution: When I have to take up some new responsibility I need to tell myself that I will do my best in fulfilling the responsibility. When I become detached from the result of the task I will find myself doing my best because there are no negative thoughts.
Soul Sustenance 17-07-2011

Symptoms Of StressWhen we feel stressed our difficulty tends to be reflected in certain physiological (physical) and psychological (mental) symptoms, whose importance we may not fully understand. These are normal signs that we should re-check our priorities – our body, or our state of mind, is telling us that something in our lives needs to change. Listed here are some of the common signs:
1. Restlessness - We could have difficulty sitting still for even short periods of time and we may play with our hands, play with our thumbs or play with the rings on our fingers.
2. Impatience And Short-temperedness - We could find ourselves becoming angry at any moment for simple reasons; or we may snap at people, too quick to assume that they are accusing us.
3. Obsessive Working – Overworking can be a stress symptom, although stress can also cause some people to work very little.
4. Loss Of Appetite - Food doesn't interest us anymore. Either we don't eat, or we over-eat junk food, or whatever is in the cupboard or fridge.
5. Fear Of Silence - Silence may cause us discomfort, so that we "over-talk" when with other people or leave on the radio or television when alone. Sometimes we may not tolerate noise at all.
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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