Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The one who loves is the one who gives.

Message for the day 29-06-2011
The one who loves is the one who gives.

Projection: True love is free from expectations. When you discover the love within you, you can continue to give. Whether the other person gives or not, true love enables you to give unselfishly.

Solution: Let today be the day for discovering and giving others the love within you. Make sure you do at least one act that shows your love towards anyone around you. Feel the love flowing from within to the ones around you.
Soul Sustenance 29-06-2011
What Shapes Our Perception? (cont.)

There are four main criteria that may influence how our perception of reality is distorted or altered (changed). We had discussed "Mental Positioning" yesterday. Today we discuss:

Mental Limits

The solution to important problems we face cannot be obtained in the same consciousness (state of mind) we are in when we create them (the problems) – the consciousness needs to be changed to see the solution".

Mental limits are those which we have imposed on our mind.
We create these limits ourselves or they can come as a result of our education, the family environment and the society in which we live.

For example, at work a mental limit is always thinking in the same way. So we always take the same decisions and get the same results. Experience itself may also generate mental limits. You think you know how to do certain things and these convictions act as mental limits. The greater the mental limitation, the greater will be resistance to change.

Due to the mental limits, we usually have a series of readily prepared responses. They are excuses and justifications that provide us with poor results. We are always trying to solve problems using the same formula and this often causes stress because we cannot find the answer.

The main mental limits are related to identity. We create a very narrow and limited image of ourselves. "I am a man", "I am a woman", "I am a Punjabi or a Gujarati", "I'm young", or "I'm old", "I am white or black". The image we have of ourselves may be limited, because we do not have sufficient knowledge of our own resources, virtues, values, and identity.

A deep investigation into our inner selves will help us to change the image we have of ourselves.

(To be continued tomorrow …)
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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