Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Always be Joyful

Message for the day 06-09-2011

The one who is joyful is the one who is free from tiredness.

When we are able to enjoy the colour and beauty of life, we are able to be free from tiredness. We are able to appreciate the variety that life brings. No difficult circumstance or situation takes away the inner spirit and so we are able to be fresh and joyful.

Solution: Even in a difficult situation I need to remind myself that I can only enjoy the beauty of life if I am able to appreciate equally all that life brings. As much as I enjoy success, I also need to enjoy learning from my failures.       

Soul Sustenance 06-09-2011

Controlling Your Emotions

There are five essential steps to emotional control and mastery. Although the complete process will finally happen in a few seconds in real life, it is essential for our learning to break it down and see what is required at every step.

Step One – Awareness
This simply means being aware of the emergence of the subtlest (finest) of emotions, which, if left unchecked, will grow into important disturbances. For example irritation leads to frustration leads to anger leads to rage.

Step Two – Acknowledge
Which means taking responsibility for the emotion by understanding and acknowledging that I am the creator of the emotion, not someone or something else.

Step three – Acceptance
Fully accept the presence of the emotion without resisting (opposing) it in any way. If it is resisted it simply becomes stronger, or is suppressed for another day.

Step Four – Ascend
This is the moment of full detachment from both the emotion and the inner source of emotion. In the process of detached observation the emotion is losing its power. And it is only through detached observation that the emotion will begin to dissolve.

Step Five – Attune
This means returning our attention to the very centre of ourselves where our inner peace and power are to be found. This is the purpose of meditation.       

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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