Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Secret for constant joy

Message for the day 04-09-2011

The one who has the humility to learn and progress is the one who experiences constant joy.

We need to take responsibility for the mistakes we have committed and have the enthusiasm to learn from them. This comes when there is humility which also brings honesty with the self. So there is an experience of constant change and progress. At all times there is the ability to bring about change and so there is an experience of joy under all circumstances.

Solution: When I am honest with myself, I am able to find the joy of learning from my mistakes. Mistakes don't make me heavy because I know I have something to learn from them. There is constantly enthusiasm to bring about a change and move forward. My inner joy allows me to progress constantly thereby becoming an inspiration for many to bring about change.   

Soul Sustenance 04-09-2011

The Step Of Donation In Silence

Donating is the final step of silence. We have filled the self with a particular quality and it starts flowing out of us. We allow this quality to touch the atmosphere around us and consciously donate this vibration to the world, enabling those in need to feel it and to absorb it.

This is the ultimate step of a true meditator, often referred to as the 'lighthouse' stage. A lighthouse stands still and stable in one position in the rough sea and beams the light all around so that ships are shown the way. We are able to bring an original quality of the self into our consciousness, fill our self with it and then, very naturally, let it radiate from the mind.

One of the most important aspects in this step of silence is the link with the Supreme Energy. We make this link with the Supreme Source, we absorb from that Source, we fill the self from that Source and then donate all that the Source has given us.

This is called 'angelic or 'instrument’ consciousness. It is said that an angel is a human soul who has fallen so deeply in love with that Source of Light that it has transformed completely. It is totally filled with Light and Peace and its task is only to serve, to share Divine Love and Peace with others.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris


  1. Sir, how we donate silence?
    And how it work?

  2. //
    Alpesh Mali said...
    Sir, how we donate silence?
    And how it work?

    Alpesh, It is a wonderful Question.

    I will give you a small example.

    If some one is cursing you even by thought it will affect you, but if you give him good wishes in return instead of cursing him, the curse by your friend goes back to him itslef like a boomerang.It is just like Newton's third law.for every action there is equal and opposite reaction. So in silence always try to give good wishes to all even to your so called enemies and see the magic yourself.

    Hope this clarifies your doubt.

  3. Thank u sir, and ofcoarse i will try to do like


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