Monday, April 9, 2012

Commitment for truth brings constant happiness.

Message for the day 09-04-2012
Commitment for truth brings constant happiness.

Expression: For the one who is constantly with the truth, there will be no fluctuations in the happiness - experienced by the self and expressed to the others. So there is benefit for both the self and others through this. Only when there is no truth, the support of falsehood is taken to prove and defend oneself. So the happiness is not retained constantly.

Experience: When I am committed towards living by the truth, I will not be influenced by the different situations that I am faced with, but will be able to experience constant happiness. I will never be influenced negatively by negative situations and allow myself to lose my happiness. Also I naturally find my happiness rising constantly.

Soul Sustenance 09-04-2012
Meditation To Discover Your Inner Beauty 

Given below is a meditation to reflect on and experience the original qualities and virtues of the soul. When you are in contact with these treasures, you begin to shine.

Create a space within you. Sit down and go within. Look at your being in a different way. Look at what beautiful things you have within, and learn to recognize them.

I allow my body to relax ... I breathe gently and deeply... My physical senses relax ... I can feel more and more how my body is calming down... I direct my attention to within, as if I was looking through a window... I discover a silent space... tranquil... calm... Here I feel safe from any outside influence... I can feel the silence ... My mind is quietening... it becomes silent and peaceful...

The expansion of my thoughts fades... I concentrate on my true being... The lake of my mind is serene... clean... transparent... Everything is clear ... I can feel my own presence... I feel the pure energy of my being... I am shining like a beautiful star of divine light at the centre of my forehead... My original qualities like bliss, love and purity begin to shine at the heart of my soul, like a fountain of water that comes from a spring... I begin to recognize these treasures that rise up within me...

I concentrate on them and make them emerge, feeling that I am those qualities... I am a spiritual being... I am a being of light... I shine and sparkle with unlimited peace, happiness and love... I feel the peace... I am at peace... I am a being of peace... I feel the love... I am a being full of love... of good feelings, of acceptance towards everybody... My heart is strong... I feel that I am a being without limitations... with great strength... I glimpse what I really am... a being of authentic light... strong... radiating this light towards all people... towards the whole world... I stay in silence ... and I smile.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris 

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