Monday, April 30, 2012

Words filled with good wishes bring change in others.

Message for the day 30-04-2012

Words filled with good wishes bring change in others. 

Expression: When there are good wishes combined with the words that I speak, there is love. Whatever is spoken with love has its effect on others. Such words are free from all kind of negativity, so they naturally have a lot of power. Only such powerful words can bring about a change in others.

Experience: When I speak with love and good wishes, I find that I am light, knowing that I have no selfishness in whatever I have said. The others too are able to immediately correct themselves. This also enables me to gain good wishes for having taken them a step forward. 

Soul Sustenance 30-04-2012
Mind Empowerment 

Meditation is an inner mental exercise, an exercise not physically visible to oneself and others. Through this exercise we link ourselves to the Source of unlimited and complete purity (the Supreme Being), which not only purifies our mind but also liberates the mind from the limits or various different forms of impurity or body consciousness, like "I", "my", burdens of the past and negative feelings for myself and others. During meditation the mind let’s go of the threads of the limits of the physical body and physical world. Like a bird, the mind, which is impure, experiences a magnetic pull for this pure Source and flies upwards and connects with this Source. This connection is not difficult when the mind is truly in love. Love for the Source emerges inside when we have complete knowledge of God as the Ocean of truth and purity and have an inner spiritual thirst for experiencing a connection with Him, and not just trying to demand, flatter, or beg God for something for selfish reasons. The desire for connection enables the soul to fly beyond all mental barriers such as "I can't", "How do I?" and "No time!".

Connection fills the mind with a spiritual strength which we use in our everyday life and keeps it constantly positive, uninfluenced by any external negativity. To maintain such strength, we require a daily connection and recharge every morning; otherwise the using up of the energy of the mind in actions throughout the day causes its spiritual strength to get depleted very soon. In silence, we will find a personal and very loveful friendship with God, who not only listens and helps but, most of all, is just there. At the present moment, a lot of us have completely lost the simple enjoyment of His presence; we feel we have to ask for something, say something, or chant something. It is enough just to be still in the silence of that spiritual meeting and experience its bliss and enjoy the stage of spiritual fulfillment. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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