Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The ones with pure love bring benefit to all.

Message for the day

Projection: Each day of ours is usually spent in doing things for ourselves and providing for our needs and desires. We seem to have no time for others. We are usually caught up with a few people, which brings attachment and expectations. We then find ourselves getting caught up with the weaknesses of others. 

Solution: We need to check if our love for others is pure. Where there is pure true love there is kindness and the attitude of bringing benefit. With this attitude of ours we will be able to see each one's potential for perfection. They too will be able to then work towards their own perfection. 

Soul Sustenance

The Game of Life (Meditation) 

I relax my body… I breathe deeply and let go of all tensions… I centre myself on this present moment… On the screen of my mind, I visualize myself without fears… I let go of all labels, all roles that I play… Now I ‘am’… I am a shining being of light… I am free… I am peace… I am totally free, beyond all limitations… I enter into another dimension, a home full of soft golden red light, a home without any boundaries, my original, unlimited home, the home from where I have come… I stop thinking so much; I simply experience my spiritual presence… 

I am who I want to be… I am me… I do not need to justify myself… I do not need to give explanations… I connect to my inner beauty… I radiate the energy of the beauty that there is in me… 

I let go of the branches… I fly… I fly high… Beyond the body, above this place, the people that surround me, beyond the houses and the streets, beyond the clouds, I fly towards the dimension of light where no physical limitation ties me down… 

I feel the unlimited peace that caresses my being… I let myself be taken by the sensation of freedom that the flight gives me… I see the planet Earth from above… I recognize that everything there below is a game… I relax: everything is a game… I am a player in the game of life… I simply have to learn to play the game being who I am… 

Now, it is time to return… I am here, present… My breathing calmed… I, the soul am relieved… Now I know that, whenever I want, I can fly… Being an observer of the game, and live it with joy and peacefulness. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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