Sunday, February 23, 2014

To remain focused is to fill speciality into everything we do.

Message for the day 

Projection: Sometimes while moving along, we find ourselves becoming unenthusiastic and slack. Everything seems so ordinary and we don't seem to understand how to make each day special for us. We try in little ways to do something different and temporarily find relief. 

Solution: The solution lies instead in changing our consciousness. We first have to make sure that we will never forget our aim in whatever we are doing. Then, no act of ours will be ordinary or waste, as we continue to check if everything that we do is according to our aim or not. 

Soul Sustenance 

Self Transformation (Change) (Part 1) 

We nourish the soul by going into the depths of silence and learning to love and appreciate the self. Giving time to do this will bring about a change in how we go about doing things, and this will start to show itself in improved relationships and in quality of life. By adopting a systematic and practical approach, we can assist the changes we wish to bring about in our life, otherwise old patterns of behaviour and the influences of the world will weaken our determination and efforts, like the sea tide washing away a sandcastle. 

Here are some practical reminders and steps we can take to grow spiritually and bring out transformation (change) in ourselves: 

Create a space for silence
Creating a space for inner silence is important and we can also create a corner area or a room used only for this purpose. In that place there is the opportunity, for instance, each morning to prepare for the coming day and, in the evening, to unburden the mind of any wasteful thoughts and feelings that have accumulated during the day. 

(To be continued tomorrow….) 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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