Saturday, October 18, 2014

Self-respect brings constant learning and an experience of success.

Message for the day 18-10-2014

Projection: Where there is self-respect, there is naturally a positive and elevated state of mind. There is openness and enthusiasm to bring about progress in one's life. Everything that is done is towards this end. So, the one with self-respect naturally reveals one's speciality in all thoughts, words and actions. 

Solution: When I am able to maintain my own state of self-respect, I am able to enjoy the beauty that life brings. I'm able to understand, accept and make use of all situations in the right way. So, whatever the situation may be, for me there is a constant experience of progress. 

Soul Sustenance 18-10-2014

Meditation – A Process Of Renewal (Recharging) 

Meditation is an internal process of renewal (recharging) and liberation. When you control the process of moving through the following states of consciousness: 

choose a response, detach yourself and go beyond; 

You get back the spiritual power, which was trapped or hidden. You learn to channel your energy in order to unblock yourself. You control better what you think and you think better. You free yourself of bad feelings, bad energies and bad influences. 

On the one hand, you have to learn to generate positivism; on the other, you have to learn to protect yourself from energies that are unhealthy, sick, weakening, on an emotional level. Meditation helps to do this, to digest situations when they have to be digested and not to consume what they offer when it is not necessary. On a physical level, if you know that something will make you ill, you don't eat or consume it. On the level of relationships, you learn not to allow certain situations, scenes or words to influence you. That way you stay renewed (recharged) and your energy flows without blockages. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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