Tuesday, October 21, 2014

To have the awareness of being God's instrument is to bring about a positive change.

Message for the day 21-10-2014

Projection: When there is the awareness of being an instrument of God, there would be the desire to do the best and be the best. So each and every thing I do would be for the improvement for the self. Due to this there would be divinity and speciality seen in every thing that is done. This would also bring the awareness of all the resources and they would also be used in a worthwile way. 

Solution: When I am aware of my own role and what I contribute through my specialities, I recognize the fact that I am a beautiful instrument of God. This awareness naturally helps me be in my state of self-respect under all circumstances. I find myself giving my best and making myself more and more beautiful within. So I find that I am able to bring about a positive change with great ease. 

Soul Sustenance 21-10-2014

Understanding The True Self And The False Self (cont.) 

The illusory (false) self is made up of desires that, even when fulfilled, fail to add value, or a sense of worth to the self. In fact, quite the opposite process happens. 

Let us examine some of these illusions and how they give us a mistaken sense of value. 

Illusion (False emotion): Ego 
Thought: I know, I am 
Result: Arrogance, inflexibility, controlling others 

Illusion (False emotion): Anger 
Thought: I expect 
Result: Force, aggression 

Illusion (False emotion): Attachment 
Thought: I own, It's mine 
Result: Insecurity, possessiveness, jealousy

Illusion (False emotion): Greed 
Thought: I want, I need 
Result: Emptiness, wanting, dissatisfaction

Illusion (False emotion): Lust 
Thought: I desire 
Result: Exploitation, misuse, emotional dependence

These are the five fires that burn away the quality of human life: uncontrolled emotions that once, in their original pure state, gave happiness and peace to the individual but now create only emptiness and sorrow. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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