Friday, October 10, 2014

To do what is right for all is to remain happy

Message for the day 10-10-2014

Projection: The one who is always concerned for others is the one who can do right for others. There is constant benefit for others merged in every action of such a person. Because of having given without expectation, there is happiness in everything that is done. There is also uniqueness and specialty revealed in every action. 

Solution: I experience double benefit, because there is happiness in the effort as well as in the result of that effort. There is constant success experienced by me. I am also able to receive the good wishes and blessings from others and I further get encouraged to use my specialty. So I constantly experience progress in my life. 

Soul Sustenance 10-10-2014

Topics For Meditation Thought Commentaries (cont.) 

Here are a few thoughts or themes for meditation to help you: 

• I am a point of pure spiritual energy, a point of pure light, situated at the center of the forehead. While the world around me is always changing, various different scenes come and go in my life, while even thoughts, feelings, emotions come and go, I the soul remain here at the centre of everything, at the centre of even myself, stationary, unchanging and totally stable. In this inner space of stillness, I experience pure peace and silence. 

Repeat as well as expand the thoughts explained over the last couple of days gently to yourself, experience them deeply, allowing them to take root in your mind while enjoying the beautiful feelings of detachment they bring. This will help you reconnect with your spiritual center with ease. Remember, the final aim of meditation is to go beyondthoughts into the actual experience. Thoughts are the steps which take you to your final destination ofexperience. The stage of experience is one which does not contain any thoughts. But you cannot make this happen forcefully. Use the thoughts to gently guide you there. They will slowly dissolve on their own and, when the time is right, instead of thinking about peace you will feel peace and reside (stay) in peace - the peace which always resides (stays) within you. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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