Friday, July 24, 2015

To have inner strength in all circumstances is to ensure progress.

Message for the day 24-07-2015

Expression: To have inner strength is to be so powerful within that there is a capacity to mould myself in all the variety that life brings. The more I know how to pave my way forward and also have the power to do it, I ensure progress. Like a blade of grass I need to be rooted yet know how to mould myself according to the wind. 

Experience: Today I will make the effort to find a way to deal with someone or something that I haven't been able to. I will find something in me that I can use to deal with what is difficult outside. There is surely something in me; I just need to find it. Even if I can't find something, let me at least take the thought that I have the power within me to do it. And as I keep practicing I will surely get success. 

Soul Sustenance 24-07-2015

Playing My Part As A Hero Actor (Part 1)

While just as beings we reside in the soul world, as human beings we play our many roles through many physical bodies in this beautiful world drama on this amazing, colorful and round stage called planet Earth. Each day is filled with multi-million scenes in different locations on this very big stage. Some scenes are directly related to us, some indirectly and a lot many aren’t related at all. Each scene that we are directly involved is an opportunity to not only play our role in the best possible way but also as a result shape the role in the most appropriate way possible. Therefore, we are all hero actors who by playing our roles as well as possible, create the script of our own life i.e. create our own destiny. 

And do remember doing this has a positive influence on others’ scripts also, which rebounds back to us and in return helps us in our making our scripts better. While we have been given a role to live the entire birth right from childhood to old age, we possess the power, the remote control to dictate and control as to how exactly we will live the day, the year and each year of our present birth, our present role. Each day offers us multiple options as to not only how we act but also how we respond to the world around us and our script or destiny gets shaped up according to the options we make. Our destiny is decided not by what happens to us or around us, but by (i) how we act (sometimes the actions are responses to external events and sometimes they are not) and (ii) how we respond to a million events and circumstances which we encounter as we make this complete journey of life. 

(To be continued tomorrow…)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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