Thursday, July 2, 2015

When there is love for others, they automatically become cooperative.

Message for the day 02-07-2015

Checking: When you are involved in any task with others, ask yourself if you are able to give and get the cooperation from them. If you are not able to, check the reason for not getting their cooperation. 

Practice: In any task that involve others, see that you begin the task with good feelings for each and everyone involved in the task. Have the faith that the task is for common benefit and everyone is going to learn something from it and is going to contribute to it. Then you'll find others cooperating with you. 

Soul Sustenance 02-07-2015

Finding The Destiny Maker (Part 3)

Today, there are a large number of people who cry in solitude in times of sorrow and are hurt because they are experiencing loneliness and are not getting what they want, from people close to them. Also their roles in their personal and professional lives are troubling them a lot by repeatedly bringing failure. If success is there, it is extremely short-lived. Also, because the five elements are coming down in their levels of quality, more and more people who have been healthy for most of their life are suddenly becoming unhealthy. Along with that, general suffocation in life where nothing seems interesting or a general mental depression is showing in many people’s lives, even people who have been very successful and content for most part of their lives. And, don’t forget - a very important mental energy giver to people - relationships are becoming fragile and are easily cracking or failing under different types of pressures. So, suddenly fortune or what we call destiny is not favouring most people in the world today. People who can challenge this fact today or those people whose fortune is positive and full of positivity in every way and that too permanently, are very few or close to none. The reversal of fortunes is like a powerful wave that is running over everyone and destroying the happiness of a very large number of people.

Because of this, people are realizing a need for change in their lives and are looking for an improvement in their fortunes. This is because they feel their lives are lacking something, which even they are not sure what that something is, but the fact is that that emptiness can only be filled permanently by a spiritual source which is none other than God. This spiritual source will fill our lives with invisible attainments, those attainments which cannot be destroyed or taken away from us, no matter what happens in our lives, especially when there are difficult situations stopping us and we don’t know what to do, which is increasing more and more. So, let all of us together hold the hand of God, the destiny maker, while He is there with us and fill ourselves with thousands of attainments for the present. At the same time, also purify ourselves through God and make ourselves worthy of going into a world of happiness in the near future, which is being established by God.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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