Tuesday, October 5, 2010

To have the right attitude

Message for the day 03-10-2010
To have the right attitude is to add meaning to circumstances.

Projection: Circumstances are like objects. They are not alive but they come to life depending on the kind of attitude that one has. If the attitude is positive, there is the ability to make situations positive too. But if the attitude is negative, even the most ordinary situations seem to be negative. So every action done with such an attitude creates a negative impact on one's own life and that of others too.

Solution: When faced with a situation, if I am able to look at it in a positive way, I am able to make the best of the situation. I accept the situation as it is and I am able to be happy and light. This positive state of mind creates a great impact and it spreads around touching the lives of others too.

Soul Sustenance 03-10-2010
What Is Instinct?

Every baby has some tendency or another from the moment of birth, tendencies formed by past thoughts and actions. The soul does not inherit tendencies genetically. All that is transferred genetically is the physical appearance, the colour of eyes, shape of nose etc. There is a certain amount of influence acquired in the new situation, e.g. for a child we might say - "He has his father's bad temper". The fact that the soul was born into that family to payoff its accounts one way or the other, indicates that the soul has performed similar actions in a previous birth. That someone has a fear of heights, someone else a fear of being enclosed, indicates that they had suffered from similar experiences in a previous birth. The soul's desire for peace and happiness may be termed as "instinctive" but is certainly not biological.

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