Thursday, October 7, 2010

The best way to change others is to remain peaceful.

Message for the day 07-10-2010
The best way to change others is to remain peaceful.

Projection: When there is behaviour seen which is not to my liking or approval, there is a tendency to get upset and worked up about it. So immediately, this is brought into words and actions also. Getting agitated or excited doesn't however solve the problem. When there is the ability to remain peaceful, the right solution is found and there is the right response to the problem at hand.

Solution: When I am able to maintain my inner peace under all circumstances and with all people, I am able to use the power of my thoughts to bring about a change in the mind of others too. I find myself discovering the power of my inner potential and am able to use it for my own benefit and that of others.

Soul Sustenance 07-10-2010

Meditation The Western And Eastern Perspective

Nowadays, the majority of people in the West who wish to learn how to meditate do so because they want to relax. In a world of constant demands, where everything appears to happen at lightning speed, people want to learn the technique of freeing themselves from the variety of tensions they face, find an inner calm to bring about balance in their lives and sustain a positive frame of mind.

In the East, meditation is an ancient tradition, which involves far more than just relaxing and being positive; it is a way to enlighten the mind. An enlightened mind is one filled with peace, clarity and kindness. Clarity enables the individual to make decisions, which are benevolent (kind) and accurate for the self and others; kindness protects the self and others from the harmful effects of the mind's negative desires. The aim of meditation is to use the values of wisdom (spiritual knowledge), peace and kindness to enable the individual to control the mind, to keep it in order.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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