Saturday, October 9, 2010

Negative situations can be transformed into positive

Message for the day 08-10-2010
Negative situations can be transformed into positive with the power of stability.

Projection: When faced with a negative situation, usually the mind gets affected. Lot of questions arise in the mind that don't allow us to be stable at that time. Because of the thoughts in our mind, though it is in our hands to work at transforming the situation, we don't make use of this opportunity but only end up adding to the negativity.

Solution: In a negative situation, it is necessary for us to maintain our own inner stability. We need to free ourselves from wasteful thoughts. Then, the negativity in the situation will finish, first in our mind and then in the situation itself. Our own internal stability will help in finishing the influence of the external situation.

Soul Sustenance 08-10-2010
Experiencing Freedom From The Subtle Burden Of Pending Conversations

All of the matters, messages, ideas and feelings that you want to communicate and/or clear up with someone but you still haven't done, mean an inner burden that you sustain. To communicate the essential, and what has meaning to people that you love and are important for you, is an act of love and care. To leave pending conversations and to postpone them means to accumulate things to say, matters to clear up and ideas to dialogue with, inside you. It means a burden that prevents you from living the present with full freedom. You have something pending.

There are people who, only on the verge of death, quickly say what they feel, to clarify matters and to communicate feelings. It seems that feeling death to be near gives them the courage to dare to open themselves and communicate that which they have wanted to say for so long but have put off.

In a real life experience, Radhika explained the burden that she felt for not having said to her mother, who had died a few years before, how grateful she was and how sorry not to have asked her forgiveness for her behaviour towards her. She put off the conversation until it was too late and her mother died. After much time had passed, Radhika continued to feel that burden within.

What might have been, and was not, can no longer be fixed. We simply have to accept how the past happened and not live with regrets that increase our inner heaviness. We have to learn from it, not put off conversations, but clear up matters as they arise and not be afraid to do so.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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