Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The power of realisation

Message for the day 06-10-2010
The one who has the power of realisation is the one who can bring transformation.

Projection: When something goes wrong we immediately begin to look for excuses why that mistake happened. This finishes our power of realisation and we will not be able to recognise our own mistake. Then we will not be able to work at improving ourselves and we will not be able to bring any transformation.

Solution: Instead of looking for excuses for what happened, we need to take the opportunity to check within ourselves and see our own mistake. When we recognise our mistake, however small it may be, we will be able to work on it. Only when we are able to realise our own mistake, will we be able to bring about transformation in ourselves.

Soul Sustenance 06-10-2010
Total Positive Health (cont.)

We have already explained the characteristics of Physical, Mental and Social Health in brief over the last two days. Today we take a look at:

Spiritual Health:

It is stated that spiritual health is "something non physical that is beyond physiology and psychology". From our experience of Raja Yoga meditation, we feel the following three characteristics properly describe, at least minimally, the spiritually healthy person.

A. Possession of accurate knowledge and continuously experienced awareness of the self as a soul (the non-material point of light in the centre of the forehead). The feeling-state of such a self-realized soul will be peace and purity.

B. Living without excessive attachment to any object in the physical world, including one's own body. A sense of brotherhood with other souls, without coming under their influence. One's actions elevated and characterized by integrity.

C. Constant intellectual connection with the Supreme Being, by which positive energy is received and transformed into pure action. This connection empowers the person in such a way so that no worldly obstacles can affect him. In this brief outline of the characteristics of total positive health, we can see by even casual self-analysis that most of us today do not qualify in all four categories (even though we may justify this by comparing ourselves to other unhealthy people or society in general today). Of the four, it is obvious that the spiritual dimension is most important, for it affects most heavily upon the other three. The spiritually healthy being will have no difficulty in attaining mental and social health, as well as having a distinct advantage in maintaining the well being of his body.

The practice of meditation, in turn, is the strongest foundation for building the stage of one's spiritual health.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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