Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To spread the light of happiness

Message for the day 02-11-2010
To spread the light of happiness is to become a spiritual lighthouse.

Projection: When we are in situations where there is negativity around or there seems to be no source of happiness, we too naturally tend to feel low and negative. We are totally under the influence of the situation and we can't seem to overcome the feeling at that time. Nothing actually inspires us to make effort to come out of such a feeling.

Solution: We need to remind ourselves that we are a lighthouse, a source of light to all those around us. This thought will give us the inspiration to remain stable and strong even when we are amidst chaos or difficult situations. We will be able to spread our light across and show everyone the right direction by becoming an inspiration to those around us.

Soul Sustenance 02-11-2010
Overcoming Acidity And Stomach Ulcers Through Meditation

A diet rich in chilies and oils as well as mental tension increases the stimulation of the specific nerves responsible for acid secretion in the stomach. The continued acid secretion over a period of time destroys the delicate linings of the stomach resulting into an ulcer. Antacids and other medicines which neutralize the acid or reduce stimulation of nerves help a person for a short period. For long term benefits a change in diet and transformation of one's outlook and mental state are essential.

Regular practice of meditation definitely makes ones outlook towards the day-to-day events positive. It also motivates a person and provides enough mental power to adopt a healthy life style.

The following short visualization, practiced for a few minutes every day, would help in reducing the stimulation of the specific nerves and in turn the acid secretion. This would also promote healing of the ulcer:

In a deep meditation state, visualize that soothing and relaxing white subtle rays of peace are falling from the Supreme Soul (who is in the incorporeal world or shantidham) on to the soul...

Focus these rays on the stomach; visualize that these peaceful rays, like a laser beam, are have a soothing effect on your stomach...

Now, in the middle of this experience: Picturize that the stimulation of nerves going to the stomach is reducing... Picturize that production of acids in your stomach is also reducing and the ulcer is gradually healing…

This type of visualization can be used to heal other illnesses in other body systems (parts) as well.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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