Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gve a chance to the other person to change.

Message for the day 20-11-2010
To be accepting means to give a chance to the other person to change.

Projection: When someone makes a mistake there is usually a feeling of guilt and a lot of negative feelings. At such a time if there is understanding and love, it helps the other person bring about a change. There will be always an environment of positivity provided by the one who understands and accepts. So anyone in this environment can bring about a change with great ease.

Solution: Only when I am able to accept can I bring about a change in the other person. When I accept I am able to see what the other person is lacking and provide him with it. So I am actually giving the other person a chance to change. Also when I accept others and understand them, others too are able to accept me and love me as I am. I find my relationships becoming more and more beautiful.

Soul Sustenance 20-11-2010

Serving the World Through Meditation

By entering into meditative-consciousness, the soul is able to serve the whole world. Physical charity is limited to the physical plane. We can only be in one place at any one time and only with a few others, whom we serve. When the soul enters the consciousness of its original state, it is free and it can become a channel (medium) for God's qualities to flow to all others. In this state I am instantly in contact with all others because on this level, there are no physical divisions like distance etc. My thoughts and vibrations (mental energy waves) of peace, bliss and love can reach out and serve all at the same time.

Experience and visualize this simple meditation:

"I am a soul... a tiny star... like the Supreme Soul, Supreme Being...
radiating my original qualities... I become so small...
so detached from the name and form of the body...
and those associated with that name and form... just a soul...
so concentrated...
I travel with the power of thought to my incorporeal (non-physical) home – "paramdham", "shantidham"…
I am now in front of the Supreme Father... the Highest of Highest...
in the soft golden red light of this Highest Home…
receiving... receiving... and through me, His spiritual light is spreading to all souls,
which shine like stars on the world globe below …"

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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