Monday, November 15, 2010

To tighten the loose screw of carelessness is to be powerful.

Message for the day 13-11-2010
To tighten the loose screw of carelessness is to be powerful.

Projection: The one who is careless is not able to use the powers and the skills that he has. All the positive qualities within are wasted, because the one who is careless is not able to use them in the best possible way. But the one who is able to tighten the loose screw of carelessness is able to recognize and use the potentials that are within. So there is power visible in such a person.

Solution: When I am able to be free from carelessness, I am able to move forward with lightness and happiness. There is no difficulty of any situations experienced and I do everything to the best of my ability without giving any excuses. I am able to experience being powerful under all circumstances, as I am the master of the situation.

Soul Sustenance 13-11-2010
Anger Management And Prevention

There are some false ideas about anger that we have acquired, which we use to justify and nourish our anger:

1. Anger is a natural response to other people's behaviour.

You don't realize the danger anger presents to your personal health and well-being. By maintaining this belief, you conveniently avoid the inner work of changing a deep negative habit.
Tip For Transformation:(Change) Meditation enables you to remain kind towards what and who you see, no matter what they appear to have done.

2. In order to be assertive (confidently aggressive or self-assured), I have to use anger as a weapon.
Fact: Anger is the opposite of assertiveness. When you become angry, firstly you are killing yourself, and those with whom you become angry are only going to give back to you what they get or distance themselves from you completely.
Tip For Transformation: To make a real and lasting peace with others we need to be anger-free, which can be achieved through meditation.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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