Saturday, November 27, 2010

To switch on the power of awareness

Message for the day 27-11-2010
To switch on the power of awareness is to be free from being mood off.

Projection: To be mood off means to find excuses and reasons to feel negative - to have negative thoughts for the self or for the others. But if there is a strong powerful awareness in the mind, a positive thought about the self, there will not be a chance for a negative thought to enter the mind. So there will never be any reason to be mood off.

Solution: When I am able to maintain a single powerful thought, I am able to remain happy and content. I am not dependent on the external situations for the internal state of mind. Nor do I make external situations as an excuse to further weaken my own thoughts. So there is constantly a feeling of positivity under all circumstances.

Soul Sustenance 27-11-2010
Recognizing Wasteful Thinking

Most of us think far too much - somewhere around and in fact more than 40,000 thoughts a day on average! Why is that too much? Because most of our thoughts are based on insecurity and worry about uncertain futures. In fact, most thinking is really worry, which we wrongly think is care; anxiety, which we wrongly think is concern. Thinking does not give us the strength we need to live a calmer, more fulfilling life. It drains our energy and hinders the access we need to our own inner spiritual wisdom. Thinking can easily be an inner noise that drowns out the voice of our heart. When we say, "I just need to think about that"; we really mean "l'm not sure"; which means there is doubt, and doubt is one of those habits, which turns into worry and anxiety, and all they do is subtly drain our energy.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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