Saturday, March 30, 2013

To be a giver means to give according to need.

Message for the day 

Expression: The one who is a giver would be sensitive to the needs of others and will be able to give what the other person needs at the right time, instead of giving what he wants to give. Also such a person is able to give without expecting anything in return.

Experience: When there is even a little thought to share with others whatever I have, I would naturally be able to perceive my own inner treasures and experience being full. Sharing with others, whatever I can, enables me to get their good wishes also. I thus find myself experiencing the richness of life.

Soul Sustenance 

A Parallel Between Physical And Spiritual Energy

Energy is neither created nor destroyed, but transformed into other energy forms. Energy follows a direction in its constant movement. In a spontaneous way, it tends to go from a concentrated state into a state of expansion. For example, after a while a full glass of hot water goes cold. This is a law of physics according to which all things tend to go from a high-energy state to a low-energy state.

Applying these principles to the area of our conscience, our thoughts and feelings, we can discover similarities to these laws. When our thoughts (which are metaphysical (non physical) energy are focused on the outermost layers of our conscience, towards the external world (objects, possessions, people and so on), our creative capacity decreases, weakening us on entering into this expansion and not having sufficient power (concentrated energy) to take on negative situations and circumstances that we are faced with.

On the other hand, if we focus on our intrinsic, original and genuine qualities (peace, love, power) we accumulate more energy and our inner strength can grow. This means that we are capable of creating, of having more willpower and, therefore, strengthening our self-esteem.

Positive thoughts are a high-frequency vibration that transports a great deal of concentrated energy, capable of influencing the atmosphere and the consciences of other people in a subtle way, transforming any negative vibrations.

Negative thoughts are a low-frequency vibration that causes the energy to become dissipated. They weaken and block communication. They destroy harmony (peace).        

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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